Is it possible to make money by following people on Instagram?


The answer is BIG Yes. People can earn money just by following other users on Instagram. But to make money the users need to act and the next step is doing some activities daily, because making money with Instagram needs action.

The first step is to follow the most attractive influencer in the niche you would like. After doing this, analyze their accounts and learn how it works and what it does. 

Follow what activities the influencer has worked on, for all your posts, stories or reels. Look for these various forms of content and relevant influencers in social medidas to want new ways to make money.

How to start my networking?

You can start networking with other followers you have or with the help of influencers, just following and engaging with other users with messages or like posts, do comments or replies posts to your page.

Is better to engage with users who reply to you, like shares or comments in your posts. If you do not do these steps well, you can’t earn money on Instagram, but it is possible to make contact with influencers and important people in social media.

Is it possible to make money on Instagram with 2.000 followers?

Honestly, if the user is looking to monetize your social media, he doesn’t need a lot of followers to do that. Many users with just 2k to 20k followers, make engagement in posts with 1k or 2k likes and offer in comments their products, like his virtual brand.

If the users start and make your account in Instagram powerful enough to sell your products, it is very easy to move from 2k to 50k in an account. In general the brand is your image, and people really want to check profiles with a good number of followers on Instagram.

Work to keep your profile to a higher quality and if you have money, contact an agency to support you to increase your followers and start to make money with your account.

Will Instagram pay me after I get followers?

Instagram does not pay someone to get followers. But, a list of companies pays you if you have an active page in this social media, because they need advertising. A lot of companies give you money just to share posts or introduce your profile to other users.

Maybe, the user asks you about how much money is possible to get paid advertisements in any posts. The answer is: it depends on the total number of posts and followers in an account.

Is it really possible to become a popular model on Instagram and win money?

There is one more skill to skip all the steps and become a popular model on Instagram and receive money in this job. It depends, but the most important is to make an engagement in social media and have important people in a list of contacts.

Instagram pays me if I have a blue tick in my account?

At the moment, Instagram doesn’t pay a user who has a blue tick in an account. The blue ticket in Instagram is given to famous people in this social media, like in what happened in Twitter or Facebook.

It is very different to create a fan page. A blue tick in an Instagram account of Instagram helps you a lot, to engage with other users and famous people, but is not a sinal to earn money without work.

What tips do I need to grow my Instagram account?

In all of your posts, don’t forget to put “hashtags. Hashtags can help you to increase the number of followers. Another movement you need to do is like the most pages or posts you can. In general, for every 100 likes, users can receive 6 new followers.

Promoting your profile on your other social media can be very good to increase a page on Instagram. Example: youtubers share a link of their profiles on Instagram in every video posted in that famous social media of Google.

Subscribe in a profile of famous people with hashtags: “likeforlike” or “followme”. Quality is more important than quantity, so you need to focus on the better quality of your posts first and after in the quantity.

Do marketing campaigns on Instagram help me to earn money?

Before starting to create marketing campaigns on Instagram, the user needs to study how engaged they are with their followers. Naturally, the more followers you have, the easier it is to make projects and ways to earn money with social media.

Focus to work with sponsored brands, to help you to share their products and receive a good commission for this.

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