Instructions to download phone ringtones simple, completely free

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No more boring ting ting music or notifications, ringtones “haunting” users, now, you can freely change and install phone ringtones via RingTonesFree. Instructions to download phone ringtones below will help you do it in the simplest way.

Where to download free phone ringtones?

Have you ever encountered a case of sitting in a coffee shop, in a crowded place and hearing the phone ring, but in fact no one called you, it was just the ring of a phone user of the same company. This happens because nowadays, everyone uses the default ringtone of their phone in a boring way.

Besides, the tone of the phone sometimes causes “haunting” for many people. Because of the same default ringtone list, some people set this music for alarm, others set it as phone ringtone. Sometimes you will also be startled because you think you hear the alarm sound on your phone, but it’s someone else’s phone.

To avoid all of the above cases, users can download and use ringtones from RingTonesFree. Music store contains hundreds, thousands of music from the hottest songs and allows you to download ringtones to your phone and use it completely free of charge. Users do not have to pay any fees.

So is it worth trying the songs at this music store? The answer is yes. You do not need to spend money to change your phone ringtone, freely express your personality and preferences. Who knows, maybe someone will be impressed with your music taste?

The music store now has a website version that contains all the music you need. In addition, you can also easily download songs to your device through the QR code of each song. Users do not need to install any applications that consume phone space.

The easiest way to download phone ringtones

RingTonesFree music store will be where you find all the songs that suit your taste. How to listen and download phone ringtones from here is very simple, anyone can do it. In particular, you can install music for Android and iOS phones with just a few easy steps.

Step 1: You just need to find the name of the music store on Google to access the website of the music store. Here, users will easily find sound effects, good music, soundtracks, game music, hot Tiktok music, …

Step 2: You just need to click on the music icon to play music. The website will play music without navigating or opening any other pages. This allows you to listen to multiple tracks to find the one you like best.

How to download ringtones can be applied to almost any phone

Step 3: Next, when you have selected a piece of music, click on the name of the track to go to the music download page. The music download page includes the audio preview, the song’s own QR code, and some information about the song. If accessing by website, you can open the phone camera and let the phone scan the song’s QR, then press the Download button in the mobile version to download it.

Step 4: After downloading the phone to the device, users just need to go to the settings and select the ringtone from the songs on the device. So you have successfully downloaded the ringtone to your phone without spending any money.

In addition, this method is also used much more than downloading ringtone applications to the device. Because if you don’t like it and want to change the ringtone, you just need to delete the old song and you’re done. Downloading apps can take up a lot more space.

Some questions when downloading ringtones at RingTonesFree

When downloading ringtones at the music store, some users also have certain questions. Here are the answers to help you feel more secure when using ringtones here.

Do ringtones take up memory? The answer is No. Because each ringtone only lasts from 30-40 minutes, the size of the music is very low, only a few dozen to a few hundred KB. Downloading phone ringtones will not consume your phone memory space.

Do RingTonesFree ringtones have a virus? The answer is No. Ringtones and music files here do not contain viruses, malware or anything like that. You can safely download and use it.

You can freely use ringtones here without paying any fee

Is it complicated to download phone ringtones? As instructed above, the way to download and install is very simple, even simpler when you do it many times and get used to them. At the same time, the above download method also helps you download each song you like, without having to install the whole application.

Which phone can use the ringtone here? Almost all phones running Android and iOS operating systems can download and use these ringtones.

Above is a guide to download simple and free phone ringtones. You just need to follow the instructions without having to download any other space consuming ringtone apps. Try it now!


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