Incredible Ways to Add Texture to Your Room

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There are several factors to consider when creating the ideal house design for your area. Color scheme, light scheme, and out-of-the-box patterns may all change a place in different ways. Texture is another way to make the place more “you.” Texture brings vitality, richness, and depth to a room. How do you attain texture? Thankfully, you can find different décor at the best home store to help you add texture to your space. Read on to find out how you can add texture to your room, including using this amazing beige rug.  

The best ways to add texture to your home

The following are among the ways you can add texture to your space:

  1. Allow some imperfection

Bring a touch of texture into your room by using vintage goods with bumps and knocks from age or handcrafted pieces with maker’s marks. In line with the Japanese idea of wabi-sabi, the flaws of rough surfaces or a patina soothe a room and lend it a touchable aspect.

  1. Embrace a tonal look.

Sticking to a neutral design strategy is a trendy way to create texture. If everything in the room was the same shade of white, it would seem like a mock-up for a play set. Instead, utilize a variety of colors ranging from pure white to beiges, warm creams, and light grays. Decorate the sofa using throw blankets and pillows made of a variety of fabrics, including linen, wool, and silk. Accent with metallic, mirrored or natural wicker or wood.

  1. Combine new and old.

Mix old and modern furniture, finishes, items, and architectural features to provide texture in an intuitive manner. A vintage accent table or an antique mirror with a well-worn patina, as well as some industrial lighting fixtures, will help give a modern apartment personality and a sense of design that was constructed over time rather than acquired from a catalogue.

  1. Unique wall hangings

Take the walls from drab to fab with design ideas that go beyond paintings and mirrors. Weavings, wall-mounted plants, and fascinating fabric will lend a rich layer to your walls, whereas a floating shelf will create a focal point for an ever-changing vignette.

  1. Use a rug

Rugs, please! Choosing the proper rug will bring tactility to the floor, changing the mood of the space, especially if you choose a type with a high stack or tassels and fringe, such as this rug ivory. Experiment with stacking numerous rugs for more textural points.

  1. Hang Curtains

Remember that blinds and curtains may be used as a decorative element, softening a space and adding another dimension when done correctly. A simple do-it-yourself project may have a significant effect. Natural fabrics in a simple drops or easy-to-install woven blinds provide beachy texture.

  1. Texture the Walls

Because walls and ceilings take up the majority of a room’s surface, finishing them with an intriguing texture, such as French wash paint, can truly warm up a space. When illuminated, textured grass fabric or embossed removable wallpaper will stand out, while a bare plied ceiling or uncovered beams offer interest overhead.

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There you have it! These are some of the top ways you can use to add texture to your space. If you need a rug to add texture to your space, visit us at for the best rugs. We have a wide range of rugs to give you the look you desire. We recommend our rug ivory to give you that cozy and textural feel you need for your space.

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