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For the garment industry, garment workers and the conditions of clothing manufacturers in Vietnam have a significant influence on the quality of clothing. In addition, the conditions of infrastructure and workplace are also of great interest to many people. These fundamental factors will contribute to the sustainability and development of this sector. Vietnam has produced a lot of high-quality garments for many years. Also through this article Dugarco will provide you with some general information about us as well as the garment industry in Vietnam.

1. Overview of the textile and apparels industry in Vietnam

In recent years, Vietnam has been one of the region’s leading textile and garment manufacturing and exporting countries. The textile industry is thriving, providing jobs and creating production. 

And Vietnam’s garment industry contributes significantly to the national economy with 12-16% of total exports. Some statistics show that Vietnam’s textile and garment output in October 2021 is estimated at 3.04 billion USD. That’s why now appear clothing manufacturers with many different types and items such as Vietnam shirt manufacturers, t-shirts, jackets, jeans, etc. help diversify the client of your choice.

2. Vietnam clothing factory conditions

2.1 Infrastructure conditions

The basic prerequisite is infrastructure. Enterprises need assurance of high quality and modern technology that can help sustainable textile management and smooth operation. Furthermore, companies will be able to avoid errors and comply with procedures if they put money into the infrastructure.

2.2 Skills level and worker’s availability

Another indispensable condition is the source of labor. This is the most important part to maintain production. In the textile industry, some products require a highly skilled and specially trained workforce to develop skills. There are stages that technology cannot do as meticulously and thoroughly as humans. With a high level of overall training and skill, the workforce is able to cover all production and management activities such as the operators of machines and processes for the production of fabrics and other textiles.

2.3 Ensure compliance with environmental laws

The impact of the textile industry on the environment is not small. It has become one of the most serious problems. Therefore, the next condition in the textile industry in Vietnam is absolutely no environmental pollution. There are many environmental laws that garment businesses need to comply with to protect nature such as:

  • Implement measures to protect the environment (system of treatment to wastewater, production of wastewater).
  • Classify hazardous waste for storage in suitable packaging or suitable storage device.
  • Operate environmental protection according to the standard procedure.
  • Install gas treatment systems to ensure safety for the environment.
  • Manage emissions, noise pollution, vibration, and radiation.
  • Have industrial boilers with a capacity of more than 20 tons of steam/hour on the list of high-flow emission sources.

3. Vietnamese culture in Vietnamese factories

Vietnam’s history of clothing and apparel reflects the culture and traditions from ancient times. Therefore, Vietnam is famous for its diverse and unique culture in garment production. At Vietnamese factories, employees always keep cultural traits in their work such as operating discipline and attention to the smallest details.

3.1 Role of Trade Unions

Trade Unions, founded in 1929, is an organization strongly protecting workers’ legitimate rights. It is mandatory for all employees to be members of a trade union, with a joining fee of VND 40,000. In Vietnam, the Trade Unions law guarantees the labor the right to freedom of association. Thanks to Trade Unions, workers will be taken care of by union leaders when they are unwell or join some events and festivals to relaxing. Especially, on some activities such as Women’s Day, women employees can get the gift.

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3.2 Culture of secrecy

The secrecy in the Vietnamese garment industry is an important culture. With the development of the global textile sector, secrecy is mandatory for keeping high-skilled employees and valuable products. How fabric was made or what the workers put in should not be leaked because of information security.

4. Dugarco textile factory’s conditions

Dugarco is one of the leading garment enterprises in Vietnam. With the vision to bring the best value-added chains of design and product sales for customers, Dugarco has been strongly focused on the Eminem Merch  including quality and workers.

4.1 Skill level of workers

Dugarco is one of the leading units in the garment industry in Vietnam, so the company always puts the quality of its employees first to be able to meet customer satisfaction. The company is constantly making efforts in training the process, especially for employees from the smallest steps. Workers are highly skilled and have a wide knowledge of how to draft suitable ideas with a deep understanding of customers and material selection.

4.2 Size and quality of facilities of the enterprise

Dugarco’s head office is in Hanoi – Vietnam. Currently, the enterprise is operating with 11 production facilities and is located in many cities such as Hanoi, Bac Ninh, Ha Nam, Thai Binh, Thanh Hoa, and Hoa Binh. The company owns more than 8,000 workers, technicians, and professional managers working in 25 factories, Dugarco has become a big enterprise in Vietnam’s garment industry. With more than 30 years of working with global markets such as the USA, Canada, EU, Russia, Japan, and Korea Dugarco prides itself on high product quality and professional management in work.

In this title, Dugarco has helped you have an overview of the textile and garments industry and Vietnam clothing factory conditions. In the following years, the clothing industry will climb up to one of the top five global textile countries among many ones all around the world. Through this article, Dugarco has helped you have a better overview of the textile industry and production conditions in Vietnam. It is expected that in the future, Vietnam’s garment industry will rise to become one of the top five textile and garment countries in the world among many countries around the world. If you want to learn more about the textile industry, please contact the company at the following address.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 59 Duc Giang Street, Duc Giang Ward, Long Bien District, Ha Noi, Vietnam
  • Phone: 024 3655 7930
  • Email:
  • Website:

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