Important Things for Asphalt Blanket Roof Waterproofing

Roof Waterproofing Company
Roof Waterproofing Company

Asphalt blanket is available easily for Roof Waterproofing Company in Pakistan across the country. It is versatile, flexible and easy to find throughout the country. The blanket protects reinforced concrete structures from the presence of moisture and infiltration. It can cause serious damage to buildings.

The asphalt blanket has different presentations in the roof waterproofing services DHA. It consequently has specific forms of application for each case. It is important to know to avoid execution errors, as they are the biggest cause of asphalt blanket problems.

Here, we are going to mention important things you should consider about the asphalt blanket roof leakage waterproofing. It is an important element for roof leakage treatment in reinforced concrete structural elements.

1. Who produces the asphalt blanket for roof waterproofing, should not apply

The manufacturing of asphalt blanket is very rigorous industrial process. Following the best practices, it leaves the factory in accordance with regulations.

The product warranty, that is, against defects in the manufacturing process. However, it does not relate to the success of the asphalt blanket waterproofing services in Islamabad.

There are all types of seepage control applications, and with different degrees of experience and seriousness. And unskilled labor can put all the material to waste.

Therefore, no matter how much confidence a manufacturer has. It is necessary to be very attentive to who will carry out the application of the asphalt blanket.

2. Asphalt blanket does not last forever for roof waterproofing

A misconception that many people have is that the asphalt blanket has an eternal durability. And, they will never need to be redone for roof insulation.

Perhaps this mentality associates with the fact that reinforced concrete is a robust and reliable material.

Imagining that most properties need renovation in terms of 30, 35, 40 years. These structure durability terms make sense for the property to remain intact and solid after paying off.

However, cool roof services with asphalt blanket do not have the same durability as the concrete structure.

In fact, the most common is to have to redo the system between 5 and 10 years of use.

It is very common for older buildings to start having problems due to failure in the roof waterproofing in Pakistan.

Leaks, stains, mold, paint peeling, presence of organic material are the main symptoms.

In this way, the best practice is, first, to contact engineers and companies specialized in waterproofing services in Lahore.

When these signs begin to appear and intensify, it most likely means that these waterproofing chemicals need to change. And the asphalt blanket is no longer able to properly waterproof the slab.

Most of the time, it involves replacing the waterproofing so that the infiltrations stop permanently.

Some users still try local palliative solutions, but in the medium term they end up becoming ineffective.

The performance index is 88%. The tests show that, in these cases, it can help save up to 35% on cooling costs. It is very lower as compared to a typical black roof in summer.

Therefore, when the service life of asphalt blanket approaches the end, it is recommended to contact, a specialized professional. They will inspect and, if necessary, replace the blanket.

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