How to use Ticket Management to improve client service


Integrating your business with a ticket repair management software enables you to efficiently manage time. Especially the time it takes for a customer to walk into your store and get their ticket generated.

When you use a ticket management system, it allows you to quickly enter the customer’s details. You can also generate a ticket with a few clicks and voila, you’re done!

Time is money. You must’ve heard this all your life. It is true, actually. In today’s day and age, every business operation is seeking efficiency. Basically, generating the same results but within a smaller time frame.  

Similarly, at your repair store, you need customers/clients to be able to come up to your cashier and get their repair orders placed quickly. Especially possible when using a repair shop software. 

The mere existence of a POS system gives off a pretty premium feel to your potential clients. Plus, if you deal with your customers in a professional manner, they’ll automatically get a positive customer experience. And are more likely to spread a good word about your repair store.

Before we jump into the benefits of a ticket management system, you also need to understand what makes your customers tick. Basically, you need to know what you have to do that’ll enhance your customers’ experience whenever they visit your repair store.

Faster Payments Process

As mentioned above, you can easily integrate your POS system with a repair shop software to get the perfect solution to your problems. Eliminate the possibility of creating any sort of queues at your cashier desk.

Getting such software solutions effectively expedites the customer’s payment processing quicker.

Another benefit is that you can automate your billing process. All you have to do is enter the values, figures and formulas of all your services in the system. The software automatically sets these predetermined numbers into any ticket or invoice you generate. 

No need to open your catalog every time a customer asks you for a billing receipt or a quotation. Plus, you don’t have to make yourself and/or your employees memorize these numbers.

Save their time and utilize it in more meaningful processes. Follow the guidelines in your repair shop management software and enjoy the show.

Moreover, the system further allows you to generate an invoice, from a ticket, with a click of a button. In addition, using these softwares, you can easily create multiple invoices with a single click too.

Using these software solutions, you can also create certain customer groups. These can be set on the basis of their purchasing habits. This way you can always stay on top of your marketing and inventory needs. 

You can also align your financials with your business goals of expansion via a ticket repair management software. Quickly settle pending payments against multiple invoices by accepting a single deposit.

You can also offer recurring payments for your customers. For instance, a walk-in customer places a large order, and is seeking partial payments. Using these software solutions, you can easily enter their card details and set payment transaction dates.  

No more manual tracking of invoices to sift out any pending payments. Experience the power of automation. 

In short, the more ways you can offer to facilitate any of your customer’s requests, the better it is for your repair store.

Marketing Campaigns

The repair shop software comes equipped with multiple features that help you in several processes. Send out invoices and pending payment reminders using emails and SMS.

Sending out such reminders puts the payment back into your customer’s mind and will help your store in generating additional revenue.

Another way to simplify your payment process is informing your customers about their repair tasks. Meaning, whenever a technician closes a repair ticket, configure your POS system to automatically generate an invoice and send it out to the customer. 

You can also allow your customers to partially pay the due amount, or even split it across a few credit cards etc. 

So, whenever you automate your payment process, it’ll ensure that your customers get a very positive experience, and they return to your store again.

Performance & Progress Reports

Your shop management pos software automatically saves all the operational information of your employees and your repair store. It can generate all the reports you may require to evaluate and understand their performance.

You can easily analyze which of your items/services are best-selling and which ones aren’t performing that well. This crucial information can help you in strategizing your inventory items to better capitalize on your product/inventory catalog.

Moreover, you can also save the information of customers seeking, or who’ve requested estimates in the past, right into your own database. 

Now, whenever you feel like launching an offer campaign or marketing ads, easily send it out to these customers in hopes for conversion. As advice, it is suggested that whenever a customer walks into your store, make sure to save all their relevant details.

Enhance Customer Relationships

Your repair shop management software helps convert several of your customer’s estimates right into invoices. In addition, send out forms for digital payments and approval signatures to ensure safe and digital transactions. This helps motivate several customers to convert from estimates to invoices.

It is pertinent to mention here that all the payments conducted digitally are secure with end-to-end encryption. Moreover, all the payments you conduct digitally require your customers to sign-off on your repair shop’s terms & conditions. Hence, limiting your store to legal liabilities. 

What exactly makes your customer happy? Well, the answer to this question can be subjective. However, we can all agree on the fact that lower prices, quick processing of repairs, multiple payment methods and a good after-sales service gets you the most customers. 

Take complete advantage of your ticket repair management softwares that allows you to automate these features. This way, you can ensure that your technicians are working up to the mark, and your customers do not miss any pending payments.

For example: Send soft reminders in case anyone crosses their payment due date. 

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