How to Use Meditation When Coping With Grief and Loss

coping with grief and loss

We all experience grief and loss at some point in our lives. Sometimes, this can leave us emotionally shut down for days, weeks, or even months. When this happens, trying to overcome complicated feelings and emotions can feel like a whole new challenge.

Many people experiencing emotional difficulties often turn to things like counseling, support groups, religion, etc. These can work well for many. However, some have reported more success in dealing with grief and loss with meditation.

If you’re looking to use meditation when coping with grief and loss, this is what you need to know.

Acknowledge Your Emotions

It is vital to acknowledge your emotions when coping with grief and loss. Meditation can help to provide a space for these feelings to be expressed and for healing to begin.

Regular meditation can help open the mind and heart to the situation’s fear, pain, and sadness. As we give space to these emotions, we can begin to process them with mindfulness and compassion.

With continued practice, we can create a safe space for emotions. Then, find new perspectives that can help to empower us to take action and bring healing.

Practice Slow, Mindful, and Natural Deep Breaths

Meditation can help to bring peace and comfort to allow grief to be processed and healed. Begin coping with grief with your practice of mindfulness. Take a few moments to be aware of your breathing.

Take deep, slow breaths with your eyes closed. Focus on each intake and exhale.

Inhale through your nose, filling your lower stomach. Then exhale slowly through your mouth. Feel the breath with each movement.

While breathing, concentrate on the presence and stillness of your breath. Allow yourself to feel into the depths of your grief and sadness.

When thoughts come up, acknowledge them with non-judgment and let them pass. Remain in this space of mindfulness as long as you need to.

Don’t Be Afraid to Express Yourself

When coping with grief and loss, meditation can put us in touch with our inner feelings. Sit in a quiet and comfortable place. Focus on your breath and create the necessary space to listen to what your grief is telling you.

Guided meditation or mindfulness can train our focus. It can help direct our awareness to the area of suffering within us. Don’t be afraid to express whatever emotions come up during your meditation.

Build Healthy Boundaries

Having a healthy boundary set to clear the mind and gain peace of mind can help to cope with grief during difficult times. When reflecting, avoid self-criticism or judgment.

Instead, take this time to reach out to family, friends, or loved ones. Focus on what you can do to take care of yourself. Take a hobby, join a grief and child loss retreat, support group, or journal.

Meditation Can Help Coping with Grief and Loss

Meditation has been proven to help cope with grief and loss. It can reduce stress, encourage self-compassion, and provide insight into our thoughts and emotions.

Using mindfulness or loving-kindness meditation can be especially beneficial. Take the time to focus on what works for you. Use meditation to help jumpstart a healthier coping process today.

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