How to Throw an Ice Cream Social

ice cream social

The average American eats 22 pounds of ice cream each year! That’s a lot of ice cream, and this statistic shows how much people love this cold dessert.

You can eat ice cream whenever you want, but you can also serve it at parties and gatherings. In fact, throwing an ice cream social is an excellent idea if you’re looking for a fun idea for an upcoming gathering.

Everyone who attends your event will love it, and it’s sure to be an event your guest remember. But you’ll need to learn how to throw an ice cream social.

Fortunately, you’re in the right place. Keep reading this guide to learn how to host an ice cream social at your next event.

Consider the Type of Ice Cream to Serve

As you know, ice cream comes in many types and flavors, and you can get ice cream in many ways. For example, you can visit a local grocery store and find dozens of brands and flavors.

Another option is to visit a local ice cream shop to purchase ice cream. Ice cream shops often make their products in-house, making the ice cream better than the type you can buy at the grocery store.

You could also choose to make your ice cream. Of course, you’ll need the right equipment to make it. You’ll also need to practice making it, as making ice cream requires some knowledge and practice.

One last option is to choose an ice cream cart rental. With this option, you rent everything you need for your ice cream party. The company provides the tools, equipment, and ice cream, and they even serve it.

You should choose multiple flavors for your party, as people have different tastes.

Choose the Toppings

An ice cream social involves more than serving ice cream only. The ice cream is just the beginning. The next step consists of choosing the toppings.

Your guests can scoop a bowl of their favorite flavor of ice cream and then add whatever toppings intrigue them. Here is a list of some ideas to include as your toppings:

  • Sprinkles
  • Candy pieces
  • Chocolate syrup
  • Caramel
  • Candy chips
  • Whip cream
  • Marshmallows
  • Dried fruits
  • Nuts
  • Strawberry sauce
  • Cherries
  • Hot fudge
  • Cookie pieces

You can choose these options or come up with others. Try to be creative as you pick toppings; offering many toppings is better than providing only a few.

Purchase the Paper Products and Supplies

Of course, you’ll also need to provide the necessary products for serving and eating the ice cream. So, you might start by deciding how to serve the ice cream.

For example, will you offer bowls of ice cream only or cones? You’ll need to buy cones if you want to offer them. You’ll also need to buy bowls.

Next, you’ll need spoons for your guests to use to eat their ice cream and serving spoons for the ice cream and toppings. Also, ensure you have plenty of napkins, as ice cream can be messy.

As you write your list of supplies you need, you might also consider how you’ll serve the items. For example, what will you use to hold all your toppings?

Add a Theme With Decorations

What is a party without a theme and decorations? Hosting a party is more fun when you have a theme with the appropriate decorations, so the next step is choosing a theme.

You can browse through ice cream party ideas to find some options. You can copy an idea you find or create your own.

For example, you could choose a retro or vintage ice cream shop party theme. Another option is an afternoon tea party. Of course, you can choose any theme you wish.

Ice cream parties are excellent options for baby showers, wedding showers, birthday parties, and graduation parties. But you can have one for any reason.

However, choosing a theme can help your party be a bigger success!

Decide Between Serving vs. Help Yourself

When planning your ice cream party, you’ll have a few other things to consider, including how to serve the ice cream. You can choose from two main options:

Serve It to Your Guests

You might decide to serve your guests, as scooping ice cream is messy and difficult for some people. You’ll need a few people to help with this task if you choose to serve your guests.

For example, you might have one or two people scooping the ice cream and another assisting with the toppings.


The better choice is to offer a self-serve ice cream social. With this option, your guests can scoop their ice cream and choose their toppings as they wish.

You won’t need as many helpers with this choice and guests will enjoy the freedom to pick what they want.

Find Ways to Keep It Cold

Finally, it would help if you remembered that ice cream melts. And it will melt faster if you host the party outdoors when it’s warm outside. But ice cream even melts when you have a party indoors.

So you’ll need to determine how to keep the ice cream cold. If you hire an ice cream cart company, they’ll provide you with a freezer for the ice cream to keep it cold.

If you don’t hire it out, you might need to purchase coolers for the ice cream or place the ice cream in bowls of ice.

Impress Your Guests With an Ice Cream Social

Guests always enjoy fun parties. Thus, throwing an ice cream social will likely impress them, especially if you follow these tips.

You can throw an ice cream social for birthday celebrations, graduations, anniversaries, or even corporate events. So get creative and plan your ice cream social event!

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