How to Spray Paint a House

how to spray paint a house

Does your home need some color?

Consider spray painting for an inexpensive way to make your home stand out from the rest! If you can think outside the box, you can take a dull white house and turn it into a masterpiece.

But how do you spray paint a house? Is it safe?

If you’ve ever wondered how to spray paint a house and make it look great, we have the answers for you, but only if you keep reading. Let’s get into all the info about spray paint for houses.

Prepare the Area

Many homeowners choose to spray paint their homes as it is quicker and more efficient than using a brush or roller. The first step is to completely clear the area of any plants, furniture, and items that may obstruct the area.

You should wash the surface and remove any dust and debris. After washing, the surface should be dry before any painting begins.

Furthermore, covering any windows or surfaces you don’t want to paint is essential. You can use newspapers or plastic sheeting to avoid any damage or overspray.

Choose the Right Sprayer

Spray painting requires a pump-style sprayer with high pressure from an air compressor to atomize the paint and ensure even coverage. The sprayer should also have enough power to tackle uneven surfaces or thick paint layers.

Once the suitable sprayer is chosen, practice on a sample piece of scrap wood or drywall to get the desired look before starting on the actual house. Furthermore, select the right paint, thinned to the manufacturer’s instructions, to ensure an even finish.

Wear Protective Equipment

It includes a respirator to prevent inhalation of dangerous particles and heavy-duty gloves to protect hands from hot and cold surfaces. Wear safety glasses or goggles to prevent contact with hazardous chemicals. A long-sleeved shirt and pants can protect the skin from contact with chemical particles or from getting hot from the sprayer.

Apply a Primer

Apply a coat of primer with a brush or roller. You can also use a sprayer, so practice on a scrap piece of wood first.

Shake the primer container and modify the nozzle if necessary. Ensure to aim the primer away from any nearby fabric and use back-and-forth motions when spraying. Furthermore, let the primer dry for a few hours or until it is no longer tacky.

Start Painting

When you’re ready to start painting, set up the sprayer and begin applying the paint in even coats. Move the spray gun along the area you’re painting in a steady, side-to-side motion, overlapping with each pass.

Additionally, move the spray gun farther away from the wall as you reach the outside edges of the painting area. It ensures you avoid a heavy buildup of paint.

Furthermore, allow the coat to dry before applying a second coat. With careful preparation and execution, you can successfully spray paint your house. Also, if you want to sell a house fast, ensure you do a good job.

Learn How to Spray Paint a House for a Better Curb Appeal

Once you have prepped, masked, and painted your house, you can enjoy your refreshed facade. Be sure to clean up any mess and dispose of supplies responsibly.

Taking care of your home with painting projects like this is essential to keeping it in good condition and will help prolong its life. Why not give it a try? Learn how to spray paint a house now!

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