How To Identify a Diamond Bracelet Is Real or Fake?


Diamond is the best friend of every woman. Whether it is a real or fake diamond, women love buying diamond jewelry for daily wear or occasional wear. As there has been an increase in online stores of jewelry these days, it is easy to buy a wide range of necklaces, rings, and other accessories online.

There is always confusion in the minds of women when it comes to buying diamond jewelry. Many of us do not know how to identify real or fake diamonds. It is not worth it if we pay huge prices to get real diamonds and get fake diamonds.

While buying a diamond bracelet for women, you must follow some tips to identify real or fake diamonds. This blog lists all the tips by which you can know whether the diamonds in a bracelet are real or fake.

Best Home Tests to Try for Identifying Real or Fake Diamond Bracelets 

Here’s the list of some best home tests to identify real and fake diamond bracelets.

1. Water Test

The water test is one of the most common methods to know the density of diamonds and other gemstones. Fake diamonds float on water while real bracelets sink at the bottom. You can fill a tumbler or glass with water and put a bracelet in it. This test applies even to other gemstones such as ruby, emerald, or sapphire.

2. Breath Test

Another test is a breath test to identify real diamonds. You can take your diamond bracelet and breathe on any diamond. If the diamond is real, the fog created by your breath disappears speedily. If the fog stays for some seconds, it means that the bracelet is made from fake diamonds. This test is also useful to know real or fake gemstones of different kinds.

3. Dot Test

This is one of the most powerful tests to identify real or fake diamonds. It is a simple test that anyone can do right at home. You have to take a piece of white paper and place it on a flat area. Then draw a small dot with a dark pen on the paper.

Now, you have to place your bracelet on the dot in such a way that one of its diamonds touches the dot. Then you have to look at the paper through the pointed end of the bracelet diamond. Circular reflection in the diamond shows that diamonds are artificial. If you cannot see any reflection from the diamond or dot, it shows that the diamonds are real.

True diamonds have refractive qualities and bounce light in various directions. On the other hand, the fake diamonds emit a straight line on the paper.

4. Heat Test

Heat tests are a bit difficult to perform and not everyone takes a risk to do it. However, you can find out the difference between a fake and a real diamond with the help of this test. The first step is to take a glass of cold water and place it on fireproof gloves. Then you have to heat the diamond bracelet for around 30 seconds and put it in a glass of cold water.

If the bracelet is made of real diamonds, you will not see any reaction in the water. Fake diamonds will break or shatter in a couple of seconds by putting them in cold water. The main reason is that fake diamonds are made of materials such as cubic zirconia. These materials break by coming in contact with heat. On the other hand, a real diamond can withstand heat. It does not break or shatter due to heat.

5. UV Light Test

The UV light test is not as effective as other tests but you can try it. Many diamonds emit a blue glow and you can know whether it is a real or fake diamond bracelet. The Blue glow can be faint or strong depending on the quality and certification of the diamonds. It is not a very genuine test as many diamonds cannot emit a blue glow but you may get some idea by trying it.

6. Scratches

If your bracelet is made from real diamonds, it will not develop any scratch. Real diamonds may chip but do not develop any scratch even after a long time. It is because real diamonds are durable and of high quality.

If your diamond bracelet seems old or develops some scratches after some years, it indicates that it is made from fake diamonds. Cheap quality diamonds scratch or break after some years. Low-grade materials such as cubic zirconia or glass scratch easily and speedily. This test is very useful to know different types of gemstones.

7. Sparkle Test

This is one of the easiest tests you can do anywhere to know whether the diamond is real or artificial. You can hold your diamond bracelet under any source of light such as a lamp or UV light. Then you must look at the type of light reflection coming from the diamonds. White color reflection and rainbow lights are some results that you will get by using this test.  

Sparkle tests may or may not give effective results. However, it is used by many jewelers to know the type and quality of diamonds.

8. Use Diamond Testers

A diamond tester is a kind of device that helps to know the quality of a diamond. It checks the physical properties of a diamond by using electrical impulses or heat to test the diamonds. Jewelers mostly use electrical methods to test diamonds rather than heat. Electrical conductivity shows more accurate results than heat tests.

Heat may show wrong results during the tests. It might show some minerals as a diamond imitation. If you want to get your diamond bracelet tested with this device, visit any nearby jewelry stores. This test is for free and you can even know the quality of diamonds in your bracelet.

Final Words

These are some of the best tests you can perform to know whether the diamond bracelet contains real or fake diamonds. Well, some tests may not give the right results but you can still apply them.

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