How To Get The Best TV In Every Price Segment

Spectrum TV

If you are looking to purchase a new TV, this is a perfect time to do so. The biggest sales of the year like Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are still going on around the globe. Many retailers and manufacturers are offering attractive sales on tech-related products, including TVs. 

Though buying a TV sounds simple-it actually isn’t that easy to decide. If you think you should simply purchase the biggest TV you can afford in the budget you’ve set for yourself, that wouldn’t be a wise decision. There are various TV brands all offering different technologies, OLED, QLED, HDR, and 4K, etc. You must be aware of all the different techs to create a list of pros and cons. Smart TVs are getting smarter by the year. Once you buy a smart TV, getting a reliable cable connection becomes imperative. I learned that when I had to opt for a Spectrum TV package after purchasing a smart TV of my own.

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Here are a few excellent TV choices for each price segment:

1. Samsung’s Q80/Q80T with QLED Tech

Every year, Samsung continues to wow people with its brilliant TVs. This particular TV has QLED technology and backlit panels that are capable of producing amazing picture quality with exceptional motion handling. Samsung’s Q80/Q80T TV offers excellent contrast ratios with local dimming features that produce nearly perfect blacks. It is a perfect choice for everyone, including avid gaming fans, because its response time is great. Since it uses the Tizen OS, it offers a wide array of app choices and is very user-friendly. Unlike the OLED TVs, this TV doesn’t get any permanent burn-ins and makes it a favored choice for people with an over $800 budget.

2. LG’s CX with OLED Tech

LG’s CX is considered one of the best TVs of this year, over the budget of $800. It uses an OLED display that delivers sharp and vibrant picture quality. Its OLED display allows it to produce perfect blacks and its wide viewing angles make it a great choice for TV lovers who also care for their eyes. It has an exceptional color gamut with amazing reflection handling features which make it a preferred choice for gaming fans. The only issue that needs consideration is its exposure to permanent burn-ins.

3. Sony’s X800H

Sony’s X800H TV is known as one of the prettiest TVs in the market. This makes it a great choice for people with a budget that ranges under $700. That is because of its out-of-the-box image processing as well as the onboard X1 chip. Basically, the processing chip is what makes a TV better than the others. It is no surprise that Sony uses some of the best processing chips in its TVs. Even though it doesn’t have the fancy local dimming feature as other high-end TVs, the display of this TV looks crisp and vibrant even during dark scenes. It also supports a game mode that is compatible with PlayStations making it a good choice for gamers too.

4. The Vizio M-Series Quantum 50-Inch 


This TV is one of the most affordable TVs with some of the best features you can hope for. Under the budget of $400, this TV has an amazing contrast ratio with excellent local dimming technology. This means that Visio’s M-series TVs are capable of generating perfect blacks. This is a good option for everyone who loves motion pictures, including the people who love games.

  1. TCL 5 & 6-Series

TCL is an excellent choice for people who have a limited budget. If you don’t want to spend more than $300, then consider buying a TV from TCLs 5th or 6th series. Even in the limited budget, it offers 4K technology with local dimming features for bright and vibrant picture quality. You also get a preinstalled Roku interface. TCLs TVs produce vivid colors with Dolby Vision support. The TVs from its 5th series offer a 4K experience in HDR will full-array local dimming capacity with a built-in Roku interface too. These TVs are particularly catered for the budget-smart people.

What Else to Consider?

With smart TVs such as these, many people opt for a high-speed internet connection instead of purchasing a regular cable TV box. One of my friends uses Spectrum Internet to watch 4K content via various online TV streaming services and has no cable bills to pay. I prefer the cable TV box. But hey, everyone has their preferences.

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