How to Choose Bridesmaid Dress Colors for Your Big Day


If you’re planning a wedding, you’re not the only person who wants to get every detail correct with the bridal wear. The industry of bridal wear will soon grow to $70 billion, which is a sign that people enjoy having options and will go all out to find the right style and colors.

Finding the dresses that the bridesmaids and matron or maid of honor will wear is an important early step to take. Here’s what you should know about finding the best bridesmaid dress colors for your wedding.

Consider the Wedding Theme

Begin with a wedding theme when considering your bridal wear. Wedding themes allow people to express their personality and tell their love story while commemorating this moment in time.

Figure out what colors you need to bring this theme to life, and then search for bridal dresses.

Decide on a Season

You have to also consider the season that your wedding will take place when choosing the dress colors. Spring weddings tend to have brighter, more festive colors.

In the summertime, you might choose earthy tones or shades like champagne and silver. Fall and winter weddings tend to have darker and more formal color schemes.

Always take the month of the year into consideration when choosing, and use popular wedding colors for each season as inspiration.

Browse Several Catalogs and Shop Inventory

Explore your bridesmaid dress options by visiting some wedding shops. Browse their inventory for the upcoming season and take notes on your favorites.

Shop with three to five different bridal shops to see which have the items that are best for your style and color tastes. You might like a certain wedding boutique that has both the colors and brand names you appreciate.

You can also find inspiration from these long sleeve bridesmaid dresses that are elegant and stylish.

Find out what dress colors they have in stock and give yourself enough time in case you need to place an order. Make sure to also take notes on prices and ask whether they have any sort of group discounts or other promotions that will help you make the purchase easier.

Take Some Samples to Compare

Many wedding boutiques can help you with your decision by giving you swatches and samples of their different dresses. Having these samples will let you jog your memory as you shop between different shops and wedding colors.

Touch the material to see which dresses are of higher quality and consider the long-term wear potential so that your bridesmaids get the most from their purchase.

Find the Best Bridesmaid Dress Colors

When you’re ready to get married, choosing your bridesmaid dress colors is one of the most important wedding decisions to make. Thankfully, you have the advice above to help you figure out how to find the right dress colors.

Choosing your bridesmaid dress colors will help point you toward the shop that can sell you the highest quality option for your wedding party.

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