How Remote Employment Can Help You Grow Your Business Abroad


Expanding your business is a consequence of increased productivity. If you are going to expand your business, it would be best if you hired a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) to handle the recruitment of remote staff. PEOs can be a great asset to your hiring department if you saddle them with the responsibility of hunting and recruiting talents for your company. It doesn’t matter what country or continent you want to hire from; the right PEO will always come bearing gifts. A bunch of candidates isn’t the only gift that PEOs have to offer; they can also help your business grow internationally in different ways. Here are some of these ways.¬†

  1. You can benefit from a flexible working system: You can get a flexible working system when your team works remotely in the various countries where you may have expanded the reach of your products and services. They deliver the work done, and staff in another company handles the management. A PEO company can help manage the responsibilities attached to management in each country without your need to hire management in that country and provide infrastructure to house them. They act as the legal employer in every country where your employee works. They can handle payment requirements, staff onboarding, and other processes. This makes expansion simpler for the remote workers in a particular part of the world where your company is located. That way, you can devote all of your energy to expanding the business rather than worrying about payment requirements and learning the policies of each country.
  2. You make paying tax globally a simple process: When hiring remote workers without the help of a PEO company, it means considering the legal and tax classification of the workers in different countries. This can be cumbersome; the process of finding out the tax for each different country can be confusing. It is smarter to use a PEO company to save time and minimize distractions. For example, if you have a branch of your global company located in Indonesia, an excellent Indonesian PEO company can handle the remote Indonesian workers and ensure that they are paid according to the local tax and employment laws within Indonesia. Your company will be protected from penalties and fines from taxation authorities in Indonesia, minimizing mistakes.
  3. You save money on running costs: When it comes to remote working, apart from the other benefits, you save money. When you are working with a PEO company, you do not need a large physical office, and depending on the policies of the country where your company is located, you may not need one at all. Employers often benefit more from having a solid remote team working on their business. You will save money on rent, utilities, office cleaning, equipment, maintenance, etc. You no longer need the internet or Wi-Fi for internet connectivity for your employees. You save money on gas, clothes, and cleaning. All the logistics and overhead costs needed to run a company goes away overnight, and it seems like you are making more money from spending less on overhead costs. Working remotely is much cheaper than having team members gather in an office daily.
  4. Increasing productivity and efficiency: The purpose of all business transactions is to make a profit for your company. Therefore, whether you are expanding to one or ten more companies, productivity happens when your teammates complete their job deliverables, which results in more productivity. Remote employment often results in increased productivity because there are fewer distractions, and the time assigned is designated strictly for work. Also, doing a video conference seems easier than gathering the teammates in the conference room for a meeting. All you need to do is to forward the video link to their mobile devices and have them show up for the meeting.
  5. Synergy among team members: Working remotely engages synergy and rapport. The teams are no longer face-to-face, and to make up for that, there is more communication on slack and other communication apps used to manage remote teams and ensure that work is carried out. This promotes unity among the team members and demands more accountability. A simple hello when they sign in lets you know who is present and absent from their workspace. The joy of working from home and avoiding sometimes-long commutes inspires the team members to go the extra mile and show up to carry out their tasks, proposals, or presentations.

So when you are expanding your business to create branches in other countries, instead of going through the lengthy and time-consuming processes, consider finding a quick solution. Hit the ground running by contracting a PEO company to handle other needs your company might need, such as remote staffing, payroll, staff onboarding, and other responsibilities that can expose you to fail to meet established policies in different nations.


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