How Has Public Relations Changed Over Time?

history of public relations

As we all know, public relations, or simply PR, is not a new concept. People have known the value of communicating with the public since antiquity. Working on a positive public image was critical in order to accomplish the desired results. However, public relations as we know it now may be traced back to the 18th century. The city of London is regarded as the birthplace of public relations. Georgiana Cavendish, who managed Charles James Fox’s campaign, is credited with inventing public relations. The Whig party was the main focus. In the twentieth century, public relations became more professional. It began to take shape. Many experts believe that Ivy Lee was the first public relations specialist, however Edward Bernays is widely renowned as the “Father of Public Relations.” These two people went to great lengths to see PR as it is now!

Ivy Lee vs. Edward Bernays: Public Relations Creators

There is much discussion about who founded public relations. Some claim it was Ivy Lee, while others have all the evidence that it was Edward Bernays. Many historians provide evidence to support their claims. You have the opportunity to select the most logical point of view. They were both extraordinary individuals who affected the evolution of modern public relations. What should pique your attention the most is their dedicated effort and tremendous commitment to public relations.

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Ivy Lee’s

Ivy Lee worked for Standard Oil, which was founded by John D. Rockefeller. Ivy was the first to popularize the PR word to a global audience. He invented the press release, which was effectively utilized to acquire new business.

Bernays, Edward

Ivy Lee had written the press release, which Edward was revising. He persuaded the public that press releases are one of the most effective public relations tactics available. Edward spent a significant amount of time developing public relations theory for future generations. Bernays was heavily influenced by the professor Sigmund Freud. He developed several public relations concepts. He is the author of a number of public relations books. “Crystallizing Public Opinion,” “The Engineering of Consent,” and “Propaganda” are the most popular. Keep them in your collection if you work in public relations. Bernays used to believe that public relations is a science for manipulating the public opinion. Other fields, such as sociology, psychology, and so on, are used by public relations professionals.

Public Relations as a Propaganda Tool

As you are aware, Ivy Lee, Edward Bernays, and many other public relations pioneers, including John W. Hill and Carl Byoir, all contributed to the development of PR science. However, they were also employing public relations in propaganda to sway public opinion. It is one of the key reasons why public relations still has a “poor” reputation. Many people continue to utilize public relations tactics to propagate propaganda.

How Has Public Relations Changed Since the Internet’s Invention?

The day individuals discovered the benefits of the internet marked the beginning of a new chapter in the history of public relations. It is responsible for a huge change in worldwide communication. People are increasingly turning to the online world. In order to distribute information about brands, organizations, products, and services in new ways and strategies, public relations must adapt significantly. Modern public relations employs both classic and cutting-edge technologies and methods, such as blogging, content seeding, SEO, podcasts, and so on.

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