How does the color of the wooden blinds affect your rooms?

wooden blinds

Whether a natural look with grain or relatively simple elegance in white or one of many noble shades of gray. The color of your wooden blinds contributes a lot to the overall effect of the room! Create harmony and a coherent design of furniture, floors, walls, ceilings, and – last but not least – windows with your high-quality sun protection. We would be happy to show you how to create a cozy ambiance with interior blinds!

Wooden blind and window in duet

Always play it safe by matching your wooden blinds to the material and color of your windows! Whether wood, plastic, aluminum, or steel: each material has its character and charm – and you should emphasize this with the right selection of your wooden blind. 

You can choose a harmonious “tone-in-tone” look or deliberately set accents. Anything you like is allowed. Thanks to the large selection at Caixitecnica, you will be able to design a naturally comfortable interior that is just as stylish as a modern, puristic interior. 

Naturally cozy: wood radiates warmth!

A clear lamellar structure in similar shades is recommended if your windows are made of wood. It is ideal if, in addition to the color tone, you also pick up the grain of the window frame in your slats. Your wooden blinds will always fit, even if you change your interior from time to time.

With the natural collection from Caixitecnica, your room radiates even more warmth, naturalness, and comfort – especially if you prefer a rustic style with your furniture. It doesn’t always have to be a rich brown. Depending on the environment, light, reddish, and slightly greenish tones are also possible.

Pure elegance: White and plain-colored wooden blinds

Plastic or PVC windows, in particular, are often used in houses with a modern or minimalist ambiance, such as in particular the Scandinavian style of living. You will definitely make a good choice here with smooth wooden blinds in white! You can find out more about the design models at our store.

The same applies to steel and aluminum windows. The Caixitecnica collections are unique and modern, perfectly rounding off the restrained design’s clear picture. They offer a wide range of noble white, cream, and gray tones but also dark shades that give the interior a special visual depth. 

Especially white and light gray make your interior appear more spacious. On the other hand, dark colors give the room an intimate and warm character. In this way, you can create a very cozy, family atmosphere even in a large living room. The colors of the slats also influence the natural illumination of the rooms. Light tones make many things visible, while subdued colors create a subtle mood lighting.

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Part of your living space design – also from the outside

Of course, the furnishings play just as important a role in the selection as the appearance of your windows. You can visually combine the slats with other decorative elements in the room, such as the color of the wall or the furniture. This original combination is very modern, especially in kitchens, but it also gives living rooms, bedrooms, or children’s rooms a unique charm.

Keep in mind that closed slats also significantly impact the overall effect of your facade. Uniform colors harmonize with the house’s aesthetics and give it a harmonious coherence in the long-distance effect.


After deciding how the interior blind type affects your room, you can choose one suitable for your window at our store. At Caixitecnica, we have several collections that blend perfectly well with your house type.

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