How do Realtors in Maryland help you sell your home? The Top Names

realtors in Maryland

Though most buyers and sellers do not like to spend money on real agent commission charges, when you look at the bigger picture, you will know that there are many benefits to hiring a realtor. If you are looking forward to Selling a house in Maryland on your own, you may not know the prevalent real estate prices in your locality unless you do a proper CMA. You may be also not very confident in all the paperwork and documentation involved in the process.

In recent times, many real estate portals have made it easier for home sellers and buyers by providing them discounted realtors or realtor services at a flat price. There are many reputed and big companies that can help you sell your house in a more professional and accountable manner. They may offer either a full-service package at a higher cost or a basic package in which you will be able to list your house on the MLS. This will ensure that potential buyers have knowledge and access to viewing your property and contacting you.

Here, we will know about the best realtors in Maryland who can help you sell your home successfully and efficiently.

The list of top Maryland Realtors

Below mentioned platforms help to connect home sellers and buyers. Whether you are looking for a national, local, or independent real estate company to help you sell your home, this list of top real estate companies in Maryland is the one for you.

This list has names of the real estate companies that have the best agents that provide exemplary service to their clients. These companies have a great ratings and overall feedback. These real estate companies offer full-service agents with rich experience as well as discount brokers. Real estate companies that have sold houses as per the market value or above it, leading to immense customer satisfaction form the base of the list here.

Houzeo – Glen Cornwell

With more than 20 years of experience in real estate and with a 5/ 5 rating, Glen Cornwell is one of the best realtors in Maryland. This established company works as a full-service real estate agent and is licensed to practice in more than 5 states. With a record of selling more than 1000 properties in the past few years, they excel in being Buyer’s Agent, Listing Agent, Foreclosures, Investment Properties, Relocation, Short Sale, First Time Home Buyers, Farm Property, Relocations, Probate, Waterfront Specialist, New Construction, Luxury Selling, Retirement Selling, etc.

Glen Cornwell is associated with Houzeo which is the best Flat Fee MLS listing service in the US. Houzeo’s charges a small flat fee and lets you save thousands on the agent commission. With the help of Houzeo, you can get your listing syndicated to the MLS, Zillow,, Redfin, Trulia, and many other websites. With advanced features like IntelliList Listing Management System, Houzeo Showings, Buyer Search, etc., they offer the best services in Maryland.

Express Homebuyers

Express Homebuyers have a good name as realtors in Maryland. They are a national service provider. They partner with local investors and buy houses for cash too. To sell with Express Homebuyers, you will have to submit the details of your home. Once you get an initial “as is” offer, then you can get in touch with the local investor and evaluate your property. You may have to answer the questions asked about Selling a house in Maryland

Then, you can discuss the final cash offer with the local investors and if the deal interests you, you can sign a sales agreement. The closing day is chosen as per your schedule. You need to be present on the day of the sale to sign all the documents. This is when you get paid within a few hours.

Jeannette Westcott – Keller Williams Realty Centre

With more than 20 years of real estate experience, Jeannette Westcott has become one of the best Maryland realtors. The reviews adore the excellent communication, extreme professionalism, genuine services, and more. The clients were given personal attention and they has the best experience working with her. She is a Keller Williams Agent and hence, has access to the latest technology and resources. her expertise lies in helping the first-time homebuyers, Listing agents, Luxury homes sales, Private-Sector as well Military Relocation, Short sales, and more.

Keller Williams Realty uses the best technology and finds creative ways to excel in services provided to buyers and sellers. Using the tech-savvy platforms, they have revolutionized how homes are sold and purchased. Through online marketing, your listing will be available on the sites such as Zillow and Trulia and you get maximum brand exposure. Their experienced agents have a record of successful sales performance and therefore they are committed to matching your requirements.

I Buy Houses

I Buy Houses also provides amazing services in Maryland. They seamlessly connect the home sellers with a network of independent real estate investors. You can select the investors and negotiate with them to turn the deal in your favor. After you submit your information, you can wait for the offers.

They have a big national network of real estate investors. Due to the simple online submission form requirement, the clients find it simple to list and get started. The company invites criticism due to the absence of an investor vetting process. Also, there are no standards for conducting a smooth transaction, as per some customers. I Buy Houses is available in almost all the 50 states and Washington.

Maryland is one of the most liveable states. As per Zillow data, the current average home value in Maryland is $403,076, which has increased about 10.94% since the past year. If you are willing to buy or sell a house in Maryland, it can get stressful to find the right assistance. Fortunately, there are several realtors in Maryland as well as real estate companies to choose from on “how to list on MLS”.

Maryland has more than 28,000 realtors. But choosing one of them can be tricky. To help you ease the process of getting the best realtor in Maryland, this was the list for you.

Signing up with a good realtor can make the process of selling a house a bed of roses. This was the guide to the leading realtors in Maryland who can make your home selling a hassle-free experience. There are professional agent-matching services for you too. Using them, you can easily find top local realtors in Maryland. The agent-matching services allow you to interview several agents until you find the best one to match your needs. They charge reduced commission.


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