Hidden Factors that Might Lead to Moffett Forklift Accidents

Moffett Forklift

There can be several causes of forklift issues, some of which can be detected immediately, but others are revealed after a thorough investigation. You can think of the later problems as hidden factors that lead to Moffett Forklift accidents.

Are these Hidden Factors Leading to Moffett Forklift Accidents?

When accidents happen, some reasons become apparent, like the forklift being old, which has numerous issues. The hidden factors that are hard to detect and can cause serious problems that lead to accidents include the following.

The Layout of the Warehouse is Wrongly Designed

Sometimes the warehouse owners don’t plan to buy the forklifts initially, and their commercial spaces are not designed in such a way. When they purchase the forklifts, problems develop, like the lack of space.

Noise Frequency Indicating Issues is Low

Sometimes the noises coming from the forklifts indicate the signs of damage have a low frequency. It can create problems like the forklift stopping unexpectedly. This can disturb supply chain management and decrease sales and profits.

Mechanical Fault in the Forklift Operations

On many occasions, the wirings inside the forklift engine can create sparks. This can cause a malfunction in the system, and the vehicle can stop or start running out of the blue. The level of fuel can be lower because the functions start unexpectedly.

Forklift Tips Over Unexpectedly

The malfunction in the forklift system might cause the vehicle to tip over. This issue is known after the accident when the forklift is inspected. The inspection might indicate that the operator applied brakes when the speed was high. Also, the tires have worn out quicker than expectedly.

Goods Falling from Height

If the condition of the forklift attachments has been deteriorating, then there is a strong indication that they might break and cause the goods to fall from the forks high up from the shelves. Also, if the items are not secured properly, the accident of objects falling can occur.

Forklifts Crashing into By-Standers

If the forklift operator cannot apply brakes to the forklift, it can crash into the people standing around. Another incident is that the objects fall on the people standing below.

The Operator is Mentally Preoccupied

The operators should not be mentally preoccupied, which might cause accidents. The operators should avoid distractions, including answering calls, text messaging, listening to music, and paying attention to loud sounds, as well as the pranks pulled on the operators.

Drivers Get out of Forklifts Quickly

When the operators try to get out of the forklifts that businesses have bought from dealers like Truck Forklifts in a hurry, they can fall and hurt themselves. This might also cause the forklift to tip over if the parking brakes are not applied.

Tips that can Help Resolve Problems

There are certain tips that the forklift safety experts have advised that will help to resolve the problems caused by the hidden factors. It has to be ensured that the tips mentioned in the points below are implemented.

Warehouse Modifications will Help

If the warehouses are not built to accommodate forklifts, modifications to the original designs must be made. Some walls might have to be removed, or the number of shelves needs to be cut short.

Set Up Warning Signs for Bystanders

The area where the forklift is being operated should be marked as out of bound. In this way, the pedestrians and bystanders will know not to cross the marked area. The warehouse management has to set up warning signs for the other staff members and visitors to be careful around the forklifts.

Comprehensive Examination of the Piggyback Forklift for Sale

Before the shift begins, the forklift operators have to comprehensively examine the equipment for any underlying issues that will cause serious accidents. The entire forklift should be inspected, along with the undercarriage, tires, safety equipment, and the parts of the lifting mechanism.

Pay Attention to the Specifications

The forklift data plate has important information, including model, serial number, forklift’s total weight, the height the mast can reach, the weight that can be carried, fuel type, and sometimes the diagram of the vehicle.

These hidden factors have to be considered, and the tips to avoid them might cause Moffett forklift accidents.

Below are three questions that will explain the causes of forklift injuries, their types, and common accidents.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 4 main causes of forklift injuries?

The four main causes of Moffett forklift injuries include; malfunctioning in the vehicle, driving it speedily, an improper warehouse floor plan, and hiring untrained operators.

What are the most common forklift injuries?

When operators are handling a forklift, they tend to suffer from contusions, fractures, bodily pain, and sprains/muscle tears.

How common are forklift accidents?

Forklifts accidents are the most common in warehouses and construction sites. One out of every ten forklifts is the cause of accidents and injuries.


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