Here Are the Biggest Fights in Cricket That Left Everyone Shocked!

big fights in cricket

Cricket players are constantly seen forming friendship bonds with other players, whether they are from the same country or a different one. Although it seems nice, there may not always be peace between the players.

Cricket players are frequently seen having fun and joking around on the pitch, but we have also seen some of the dirtiest fights ever take place there. This article includes a list of some of the big fights in cricket that have ever occurred on a cricket field.

Biggest Fights in Cricket History

This has been discussed before, there have been several big fights in cricket that have shocked us. Let’s take a look at some of the best big fights in cricket that are fiercely debated today.

  • Gautam Gambhir and Shahid Afridi in 2007

Midway through the game, Afridi collided with Gambhir’s helmet while making an LBW appeal. Gambhir then fixed his helmet before approaching Afridi head-on. The two exchanged insults in Hindi and Urdu as they refused to back down. 

The crowd noticed the tension and conflict and began to applaud when they began to argue. Gambhir was removed from Afridi by the umpire and told to cool off. Both players received just punishment for this occurrence, as the match referee penalized both players after the game.

  • Harbhajan and Symonds at Sydney in 2008

The infamous “monkey gate” issue, undoubtedly one of the most contentious incidents on the cricket pitch, is ranked third. Sachin Tendulkar and Harbhajan Singh formed a crucial alliance in India’s first inning. Before the Australians decided to sled Harbhajan, they were still paying the spinners. 

Before the Australians alleged that Harbhajan had called Andrew Symonds a “monkey,” he and the Indian were arguing with each other. After the game, the two players proceeded to court, where the judge ruled that there was evidence to back up the Australians’ racial slur against Symonds.

  • Harbhajan Singh and S Sreesanth Fight in IPL 2008

Two Indian players got into a nasty brawl during the IPL’s inaugural season. After a game in which Kings XI Punjab beat Mumbai Indians, the players of the two teams shook hands as usual. The Mumbai captain Harbhajan unexpectedly smacked his Indian colleague Sreesanth because he was unhappy with the defeat. 

Everyone was left on the ground in disbelief because nobody had anticipated this to happen. While his colleagues comforted him, Sreesanth was seen crying. As a result of his unlawful slap on Sreesanth following the game, Harbhajan was suspended for the remainder of the IPL season.

  • Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir Faceoff in the IPL 2014

Things will become heated up now that the top 5 are here. The following two players are two Indians who have previously participated in domestic cricket matches for Delhi as well as for the India side. Two aggressive Delhi natives, Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir, got into a fight during an IPL match. 

When Gambhir’s Kolkata Knight Riders removed Virat, the batter for Royal Challengers Bangalore was given a send-off that did not at all satisfy him. He immediately walked to Gambhir and confronted him in front of everyone on the field, venting his wrath. Gambhir was resisting as well, and the two got into a heated argument before the umpires, and other players intervened.

  • Venkatesh Prasad Vs. Aamir Sohail in 1996

A notable fight involving Venkatesh Prasad of India and Aamir Sohail of Pakistan occurred during the 1996 Cricket World quarterfinals. Sohail was playing outstanding cricket and looked like he would lead Pakistan to a historic victory. He then abruptly lost control after running into Prasad’s barrier. 

He instantly gave Prasad the go-ahead to retrieve the ball from the boundary rope in addition to being silent. As he struck Sohail’s off-stump out of the ground and directed him to the pavilion, Prasad prepared his response.

  • Micheal Clarke and James Anderson Fight in 2013

The opening Ashes Test match at Brisbane was about to be won by Australia. James Anderson, the final batter, entered the batting order, and short leg fielder George Bailey was constantly in his ears. Anderson refused to accept it and attempted to discuss it with the stand-in umpires. 

The Australian captain Clarke became irritated when the Englishman was then spotted showing Bailey a punch. Australia eventually prevailed in the game, but Clarke was fined 20% of the match’s proceeds afterward.

  • India U-19 and Bangladesh U-19 Ugly Attempt to Celebrate Victory 

In their rush to the field to celebrate, the Bangladeshi players taunted many of the Indian players. As anticipated, both teams’ players were spotted shoving one another. 

The supporting personnel of both teams managed to keep the two teams apart, but the damage had already been done. A few of the players were found guilty after an investigation by the ICC. The ICC’s code of conduct was broken at Level 3 by five players, who were judged guilty.

  • MS Dhoni and Mustafizur Rahman Fight in 2015

Throughout a game, MS Dhoni is frequently the spectator in the stadium who is the calmest. The former Indian skipper appeared to practice regularly on the cricket pitch since nothing phased him. But occasionally, even the most placid person might become irritated by certain things. 

Mustafizur Rahman, a newcomer for Bangladesh in the game, was observed obstructing an Indian batsman who was in the middle of a series. Dhoni opted to take things into his own hands since he despised it. It appeared that Dhoni purposefully shoved Mustafizur away as he approached the boundary. 

The match officials punished both players as a result of their collision with one another. Rahman received a fine of 50% of his match fees, while Dhoni received a fine of 75%.

Wrapping Up

Even in the world of sports, not everything has to go according to plan. During the current cricket match, there have been numerous instances of harsh rivalry, and the players who engaged in these acts were punished. 

We have witnessed numerous significant big fights in cricket involving our favorite players. We’ve highlighted a few of the most significant big fights in cricket history in this post to help you recall them.

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