H13 Headlight Bulb buying guide and its advantages

H13 Headlight Bulb

Which H13 Headlight Bulb to Buy?

H13 Headlight Bulb manufactured by many brands. However, the king of the market is Sylvania. This is mainly because all of Sylvania’s products are certified for road-legal use and OEM parts. Sylvania sells a pair of H13s for around $24. Although, this is a hefty amount for a pair of bulbs. This is still much cheaper than Philips bulbs. Users have reported them to be worth the cost and they rarely go bad. Sylvania uses tungsten coils in its filaments. The Element tungsten itself is very expensive. It scientifically proven that tungsten is one of the most durable materials on the globe.

Benefits of H13 Bulbs

Different brands have invested their technologies in H13 bulb. This means the user has a wide variety to choose from. Either they can choose their preferred brands or ones which we recommend. The ones which we will recommend are manufacturing H13 bulbs from high engineered technology. There Is a lot of research and development invested in their technologies. The H13 Headlight Bulb known for their white color. They are only one of the many bulbs which provide focused down road vision. Having White Light in your headlights is a big pro.

H13 Bulbs drawbacks and material cost

These H13 Bulb manufactured by many brands. Different brands use different technologies and methods to manufacture H13 Headlight Bulb. Hence, different brands have their prices according to their material cost. However, most of them are expensive but the result they provide have always proven to be worthful. Like Philips sells a pair of H13 for around 46 bucks. This because their bulbs purpose-based. Like you can’t use their fog light bulbs in your high beams.

H13 are prone to go bad

Hence, they serve their purpose and prove to be worth it. Like any other filament bulbs, these H13s are also prone to go bad. When a single bulb goes bad it recommended to replace the other one as well like any other filament bulb. The science behind going bad is that the filament might break due to excessively heated environments. This is because the filament is already at its maximum temperature hence any more might cause it to break.

The user’s vehicle’s warranty can also be void due to this aftermarket installation. Hence, Sylvania is the most preferred in this case due to their OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Certification.

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