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Most children will always be hyperactive like to play or laugh. However, in some cases, the child will be pretty quiet. There is nothing better than a preschool coloring page for such cases. By performing their “works,” children can express themselves without having to say it.

Through coloring activities, parents can also learn about their child’s personality and interests by the colors the baby frequently uses. Belle and Flamingo coloring pages are gentle coloring pictures that parents should not miss!

Belle coloring pages: Beautiful Disney princess with the gorgeous dresses

Printable Belle coloring sheets

Belle and the story of the beast

Mistakes have passed. Whether wrong or painful, we live in the present, and looking to the future is essential. That’s the message of the 2014 version of Beauty and the Beast.

That is a movie version produced by France and Germany co-produced based on the classic fairy tale and once made the viral 1991 animated film Beauty and the beast. With such a familiar and well-known plot, the challenge for filmmakers and actors is how to attract the audience with new features and innovative cinematography to replace the old ones – Beautiful cartoon brushstrokes of the past.

The story begins inside the family of a wealthy businessman who lives next to three beautiful daughters. The two sisters are eccentric, but the youngest daughter Belle has an innocent beauty and pure soul.

The father accidentally got lost in a mysterious castle and “accidentally” picked a red rose only to be threatened by a monster residing here. Because she loves her father, the youngest girl, Belle accepts to go to the monster’s castle to replace her father. Family affection is glorified through this detail.

Love and fatherhood are deeply portrayed in “Belle and Beast”

But the film’s heart lies in the relationship between Belle and the beast with an ugly and unapproachable figure. At first, the two seemed unable to get along, but gradually they drew closer to each other in the castle. New emotions for a familiar plot adorned the relationship that blossomed naturally and emotionally. Belle slowly discovers the mystery behind the monster’s hideous face, and since then, she has been determined to help the monster break the curse. Their love story also started from there.

Everyone has a past, and no matter how wrong or painful, it is essential to living in the present and look to the future. That is the message of the movie. And this message is explained through a beautiful love story that blooms like bright roses throughout the film.

Beauty and the Beast convey the meaning of the difference in appearance in love. An ugly appearance can hinder, but true love can’t be stopped. The film again shows that love is a source of motivation and strength to help people overcome pain and find happiness.

Belle coloring pages will decorate your baby’s room more sparkling

Belle Coloring Pages is a great gift that parents give to their little princesses. Belle color pages will be an opportunity for children to develop and think creatively about beautiful colors and pictures.

Belle coloring pages are great for kids; they include pictures of gorgeous princesses with flowing dresses. Children will indeed be fascinated and delighted with those beautiful brooches. Design your favorite dresses with colors.

Belle coloring page makes the child’s soul softer and softer with the image of a lovely princess. Do you want to be a princess? Each of us dreams of becoming a princess and wearing the most beautiful dress. Belle coloring pages are an opportunity for children to live their dreams.

Princess Belle coloring pages are free and unique pictures for kids. Children will be highly interested and happy when playing with colors and pictures. Coloring activities will help children exercise their ability to color skillfully, exercise their bodies, and think more creatively.

Parents can rest assured because Belle coloring pages suit children’s hearts and interests. Behind the lovely paintings is a story of love, filial piety, and family affection. Children will learn a lot of exciting and thought-provoking lessons when participating in coloring with printable Belle coloring pages.

Flamingo coloring pages: It’s a beautiful bird that we should discover

Printable Flamingo coloring sheets

Flamingo is always characterized by pink and faithfulness

Did you know about flamingos? They’re so special, aren’t they, because it seems that their whole body, including their fur, is pink. If you have ever seen and ever wondered about “Why are flamingos’ feathers pink?”

Many people often think that since birth, the skin and feathers of a flamingo are pink, so it has such a unique name.

They live mainly in shallow water and marshy areas and congregate in groups. The record was recorded when a flock of about one million flamingos gathered in East Africa. Although they live in communities, scientists believe this bird is very faithful.

A tall, long-legged bird, it often has bright pink feathers. With its name derived from a Spanish or Portuguese word meaning “color of fire,” this bird is famous for its brilliant appearance. While that is their most striking feature, the pink plumage of flamingos is not a genetic trait. This bird is born with opaque gray plumage.

Their pink color comes from small red crustaceans (brine shrimp) and blue-green algae (cyanobacteria), which contain large amounts of a colorant – a type of carotenoid.

Depending on the type of food, flamingos can be bright red, pale pink, or even completely white. In any case, until three years, they are usually still dirty white or gray with a hint of pink.

Therefore, the bright color of the Flamingo’s plumage is due to carotenoids obtained from food. The primary pigment in all flamingos is canthaxanthin, which is rapidly destroyed by light. Under artificial conditions (in zoos), if birds are not fed food containing these pigments, they will quickly lose their pink color, becoming completely white. The same goes for feathers that have been shed during the molt.

Flamingos have their brightest colors during mating season. The brightest flamingos mate earlier than their less luminous relatives.

Flamingo coloring pages will help your child decorate the room filled with pink

Parents can let children learn exciting things about birds and animals through coloring pages, especially Flamingo coloring page. These are beautiful pictures that children look forward to discovering.

Flamingos are not birds that babies can easily see in everyday life, so when babies want to see flamingos, they can only find out through TV programs or zoos. However, seeing the images of this bird in the wild is still the best thing. Let’s give Flamingo coloring pages to children to start their exploration journey.

Through the knowledge known about this bird, children will easily choose the right color for Flamingo color pages; they will also know the characteristics of their appearance, food, and living environment. Children will learn more about this bird, for example, their ability to stand on one leg, their pink plumage, and their loyal habit.

Coloring activities bring exciting knowledge and give children a wonderful space to explore colors. Children will develop creativity, and positive teamwork skills or practice carefulness, concentration, and ingenuity.

Parents can download many Flamingo coloring pages to engage in coloring with their children.


There are many colors children will see in the coloring process. Children can hold and use colors, not just look, which will help them remember longer. That also helps children increase their perception of colors, distinguishing them better.

Belle and Flamingo coloring pages will support your child in the process of training perseverance and ingenuity. Parents and children, please look forward to the cute coloring pages on our website:!


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