Great Adventures for Solo Travelers

Solo Travelers

Hardly anything compares to plunging into the unknown by yourself. Too often do we associate traveling with group activities, family obligations and collective endeavors. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but you can hardly call yourself a hardened globetrotting adventurer if you’ve never gone on a trip all by yourself. It gives you a chance to reflect on and reassess your life, not to mention the fact you can truly meet new people without being constrained by the group. If you’ve ever felt that itch to travel alone, here are some great adventures for solo travelers. The good thing is Mixx will boost your social media for you. 

China’s “The Big One”

Solo travelers will particularly enjoy trips to the faraway mountain slopes of China. Lush landscapes, rocky hills, historical monuments and bustling cities are an exceptional treat packed into a 28-day long journey known as “The Big One”.

It is an in-depth experience of the great country that will immerse you into the rich history of the country. It truly cannot quite compare to anything else, and it’s bound to leave you changed forever (for the better, of course). Of course, you will get a chance to see the Terracotta Warriors with your own eyes and step onto the Great Wall.

Cycle Through Morocco

There is no better way to meet new people than on a cycling adventure through Morocco. You’ll get a chance to explore wondrous orange landscapes of the Atlas Mountains as they stretch into infinity and disappear in the blue haze.

Along the way, you will be accompanied by other solo travelers, since the setup has been mostly created with one-man adventurers in mind. If you’d like to marvel at palm groves, arid slopes sculpted by time and incredible Atlantic sunsets, this is a perfect adventure for you.

Sail a Ship With Your Own Hands Around the Canary Islands

Boarding a fun-filled cruise ship is easy. How about a real, gritty seafaring experience that puts you in the thick of it?

Believe it or not, you can spend a whole week on the open sea under the command of a captain, with a merry crew of sailors. The name of the ship is Morgenster, and it will take up to 24 inexperienced sailors on an adventure around the Canary Islands.

The crew is there to mentor the newcomers, but don’t worry – the work isn’t excruciating. You’ll get plenty of time to sunbathe and explore tropical shores. Just be a good sport and listen to the instructions of your skipper, and if this is your first time sailing, get a funky Go Travel Acustrap that will reduce nausea and make your journey a dream.

The Epic Trans-Siberian Railway Journey

Orient Express is out of commission? No problem!

An epic journey on train tracks still awaits you on the Trans-Siberian Railway that goes from Beijing to Moscow. This is a perfect adventure for people who really want to enjoy some contemplative solitude. There is hardly anything more meditative than sitting in your comfortable compartment with the sound of moving along the train tracks in your ears and incredible, untouched landscapes moving past you. Depending on what package you choose, the journey can take up to 20 days.

Colombia for Coffee Junkies

Visiting the far-side of the South American continent sounds like an amazing idea, but if you are a true coffee junkie, this trip is pure heaven.

You’ll journey directly into the Colombian highlands and walk through real coffee plantations. Not only that, but you’ll also get a chance to learn more about the process of making coffee and you’ll be able to visit local roasteries too.

Get Frosty in Finland

If you want to battle the elements and witness some of the most breathtaking natural landscapes, Finland is the right step on your solo journey.

The birthplace of Santa Clause fully justifies its honorary title once the winter months come. You have an opportunity to join a dog-sledding team and try all snow-related activities under the sun, including skiing and riding a snowmobile. However, the biggest treat on this vacation is definitely seeing the Northern Lights for the first time.

Sail Along the Shores of the Balkan

The Adriatic Sea is a small and charming stretch of the Mediterranean tucked comfortably between the Italian and Balkan Peninsula. However, solo travelers tend to prefer sailing along the epic shores of the Balkans and enjoying the dramatically harsh mountain ranges that tower over picturesque coastal towns.

You’ll get a chance to stay in several urbanities of both Croatia and Montenegro, and you’ll definitely visit the legendary Dubrovnik, Split and Kotor.

The Magic of Oman

It seems the Arabian Peninsula is embroiled in perpetual conflict which is unfortunate for countless reasons, but one of the major ones is definitely the fact that the rest of the world does not get a chance to truly grasp the captivating beauty and ancient history of the region.

Thankfully, we have countries like Oman – the most welcoming out of the bunch. Go on a solo adventure of self-discovery as you follow the very steps of T.E. Lawrence, through mesmerizing deserts, enchanting oases and mystifying Bedouin villages.

If there has ever been a time to go on a solo adventure, it’s now. Believe it or not, there’s a growing demand for solo traveling around the globe, and traveling companies are eagerly tapping into that trend.

After all, it’s not that hard to understand why we have become so enamored with the idea – we live in a world overstuffed with people, opinions and scrutiny over social media and entertainment platforms. It is only natural that, every now and then, a modern person needs to clear their head and enjoy a bit of solitude.

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