Give A Flip To Custom Flip Top Boxes; Crucial Pros You Must Know!


Custom flip top boxes are more than marketing in different words;

“It is a quiet storyteller of your label whispering promises and opportunities into the hands of your loyal patrons”. 

Therefore, you need to understand the significance of packaging that it’s not only used to enclose the items but it does serve as a fantastic and effective tool for marketing, branding, and customer attention. With the emergence of period and advanced technology, more suitability has been added to packaging solutions such as flip-top boxes. These boxes are of excellent importance due to the individuality and versatility they hold. Moreover, it will help you 10X your sales and earnings due to the improved presentation that readily grasps the eyes of onlookers. How these decorative flip top boxes help uplift your trademark credibility and worth shall all be covered in this blog.

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Flip Top Box: What Is It

Flip top packaging is a revolutionary packaging explanation in today’s trendy world and they offer easy reach to the items enclosed in them and save the things by closing them when they are not in use. The flip top box is hinged with a lid cover that can be flipped open and sealed. Depending on the intended usage and branding essentials these boxes can be made highly useful in different styles and shapes. 

In addition, boxes provide enough durability and stability to the products because of the premium quality design like cardboard, corrugated board, and kraft paper. The objective of using these boxes is to store and pack almost all types of items, electronics, cosmetics, food products, and other retail products. 

5 Pros Of Flip-Top Boxes: You Must Not Skip

Perhaps you might be looking for the progressive qualities of flip-top packaging boxes that will help you stand out in the competitive market with grace. So, here is a list of some noteworthy pros that contribute better to the presentation and marketing. Let’s discover them in a piece of fact.

  • Have A Magnetic Closure

It’s a remarkable innovation for businesses that use flip top boxes with magnetic closure to pack the articles with a magnetic closure mechanism. You will be free from using glue that imparts no ideal finish. Thus they understand your requirements and have inserted a magnet in open and closure flaps that readily come in touch and completely seal the deal.

  • Excellent Quality Material

The superior quality material is used in making these boxes such as kraft, cardboard, corrugated, and cardboard. The most in-demand one is the kraft paper as it is made from the chemical pulp created during the kraft process and it comes out into a thick and firm sheet of brown colored paper that is more long-lasting and imparts good stability to the custom flip top boxes.

  • Enhanced The Presentation 

The sleek opening feature adds more beauty to the product presentation. However, placing your product into this box can outshine your brand, and you can use this creative packaging solution to give some precious things to your loved ones so it may sound more professional and pleasing. The stylish flip in a flip top gift box is efficient enough to promote your branding through enhanced style and presentation.

  • Appealing Add-Ons

Your boxes will look dull and simple if you do not embellish them with add-ons or creative elements in another sense. For instance, if you select the fabric and color of the dress but forget to add design then you will get exhausted from it very soon and will not wear it often. Similarly, the plain-looking Flip top boxes wholesale will not even capture the attention of the people and there will be less or no chance that your product will be bought. 

  • Silver foiling 
  • Gold Foiling 
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Laminations
  • Holographic foiling

With these appealing custom elements, you can create a fabulous flip-top box. Therefore, customers will look and observe the packaging and product inside if it grabs their attention leading to more sales. 

  • Are Secure And Convenient 

Custom cardboard boxes with handles are made from durable and sturdy material that provides immense storage and enhanced protection. Not only does the material play an important role in securing the items, but the sealed closing in the box is what makes it more suitable to be trusted by customers and retailers.


With the ever-evolving demand trends, packaging solutions are constantly emerging as top-notch stylish solutions. Therefore, custom flip top boxes, a creation of today’s modern globe, are accelerating companies by winning the trust of the intended patrons.



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