Gardening improves your mental essence

Gardening improves your mental essence

In this era of increasing, speed people are always occupied with work 

Much research has been conducted to show that our mind and body respond to nature in a better way. 

Planting small plants at home increases happy hormone levels and mental productivity. Plant shops in Melbourne are filled with a variety of plants according to one’s requirements. Some people like to plant flowering plants, some like fruity while others like ornamental plants.

The main purpose of gardening is to watch the plants grow patiently.

Accepting change

Plants are a perfect example showing that change is beautiful. People are often stuck in the past and afraid to accept future changes. The changes in nature give them the courage to accept what life offers and turn them into beautiful memories.

Not everything turns out perfect

At some point in life, even your perfect plans fail. Even after doing lots of research and determination something was missed. The things gardening helps you understand is that even if your perfect plant faces autumn this doesn’t mean you didn’t put effort into taking care of them, it’s just their fate. 

Growth can be obtained with freedom

Every plant is different and requires different weather to flower, fruit and grow. Some grow better in March, some in October. You can’t make them flower in their off-season. They will die if you force them. Likewise, we also need the freedom to express ourselves and work to grow.

Connecting with yourself

Nature is the biggest teacher. When you are connected to yourself you are connected more to others. Self-discovery and connection are important to survive and grow like plants with strong connected roots that grow better and stay in their ground while others like weeds can be torn out easily because of a lack of connection.

Positive mindset and stress deduction 

Studies show gardening releases a lot of happy hormones like dopamine, oxytocin and endorphins that reduce stress and develop a positive mindset about life.

Physical workout

Gardening is a type of physical activity. It is generally done in the morning or the evening when you can get a fresh and cool breeze that energizes the body and mind.

Motivating to be healthy 

When you start to grow your food in your garden you tend to utilize them. The garden food will motivate you to grow healthy and well. One more important point is that when you grow your vegetables and fruits there is a high chance for you to turn vegetarian which is less greasy. Less greasy food is good for mental health.


Gardening is one of the important physical in mental activities. It is important to get closer to nature for the nourishment of the mind and body. A healthy body is made with a healthy mind. Nature provides you with a door that opens within yourself.


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