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The web development process of an application consists of three layers- the business logic layer (the back end), the presentation layer (the front end), and the database layer. Full Stack Development is a part of the web development process which includes two segments of the process- frontend and backend development. A Full Stack developer is responsible for handling both frontend and backend development of a web application.

Hiring the professionals for each stack development domain with the knowledge and expertise in only one will be a tedious and expensive process for the company. As a solution, companies hire professionals who have practical knowledge of the multiple technologies of Full Stack Development and its processes.

In this article, we have curated a guide for you to understand the importance of Full Stack Development in the layers of the web development process. Before we delve into that, we should first understand who a full-stack web developer is and what are the responsibilities of a full-stack web developer.

Let’s Define Full-Stack Web Developer

A Full-Stack web developer can be defined as a professional who is skilled in the front end as well as the backend stage of developing a web application. A Full Stack developer is trained to perform the below-given tasks:

  • Coding for the front-end development in programming languages such as HTML and JavaScript.
  • Having a thorough understanding of infrastructure, including its hardware and operating system.
  • Networking & Security
  • Coding for the back-end in programming languages such as Python, Java, and PHP.
  • Able to communicate with the client and have skills apt for Project Management
  • Creating and querying databases.

As can be seen, to be able to gather and master such vast skills in both front-end and back-end development as well as stay updated with the newest tech guides available in the market can be a difficult task. This is why there is soaring demand for Full Stack developers in the market.

How to Become a Full Stack Developer?

A skilled Full Stack developer should have functional and technical knowledge of all aspects related to developing a software application.

As already discussed, web development has three layers- the front end, the back end, and the database layer. Full Stack developers focus mainly on the first two layers of web development. However, the third layer, ie, the database layer is involved inextricably with the two other layers of web development.

As a result, full-stack developers need to have knowledge of the functionality of databases and their management as well.

Here is a list of the skills (layers) that individuals have to master in order to become a Full Stack developer.

1. Programming Languages

The first and most important skill that individuals aspiring to become Full-Stack developers must have is the knowledge of several programming languages such as Java (JS), C, Python, PHP, and others as such.

Many elementary business processes are coded in these programming languages, which is why developers must have familiarity with the designing, architecture, and testing of an application based on these programming languages.

2. Knowledge of Additional Development Tools

Full Stack developers should have proper knowledge of the variety of frameworks in web development that support rapid app development for building the kind of application they want.

Third-party libraries such as Java Spring, AngularJS, Django, and thinkPHP accompany many programming languages and sometimes form an integral part of application development.

3. Front End Development

Having knowledge of front-end technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS is highly essential for full-stack developers as they play an active role in product development as well as amplifying user experience via the user interface.

4. Back End development

Node.js, Python, Java, PHP, and Ruby include some of the common backend development Programming languages which Full Stack developers should get a good grasp on in order to meet the application criteria for the stakeholders or the clients.

5. Database Management

As already stated, database management forms a different layer of the web development process. However, individuals aspiring to become Full Stack developers should have a thorough knowledge of the technology behind the databases and the storage.

Gathering knowledge about database management and querying includes:

  • Learning NoSQL databases, like MongoDB
  • Connecting databases with the back-end technology
  • Understanding the use of online storage in browsers where cached data and cookies are stored
  • Having knowledge about databases, querying, scaling, and more

6. Web Application Architecture

Web developers will be responsible for building full-fledged complex web applications using their knowledge of the three layers of the web development process.

In order to do so, they should have a proper understanding of the code structure for building the web application, know how to organize the files, be able to structure data in the databases, as well as know about media file hosting places and where computational tasks are to be performed.


Being a web developer, understanding how HTTP requests are managed at the back-end stage is very important as HTTP is the bridge that enables interaction between client applications and servers.

The technologies we use today are completely different from what we used ten or twenty years ago. Becoming a Full Stack developer can come with many rewarding opportunities in terms of job openings and salary packages. What makes them greatly employable is the job description of a Full Stack developer, as being someone who has the knowledge & multifarious skills for the various technologies used in the process of web development.


As Full Stack developers can work across multiple stacks, the product delivery time becomes minimal, which is highly favorable for businesses. The contributions of full-stack developers to the application development market have increased their value and demand in real-time.

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