Forensic Video Analysis Software: Why Should You Invest In Suitable Video Tools?


Gone are the days when forensic video analysis from CCTV-recorded evidence only focused on checking for the visible elements in a recording. Today, however, experts are using forensic video analysis software to understand and identify many other video-related files and possible evidence. This shows that video forensics are no more what they used to be; they are increasingly evolving to improve how investigators acquire, process, analysis, and store evidence.

Why exactly should you consider investing in suitable Cognitech video forensic tools, such as forensic video analysis software? Which video forensic tool is the best for you? As you continue reading this blog, you’ll discover the answer to these FAQs.

What are video forensic tools?

Video forensic tools are designed specifically to address the different challenges attached to digital forensics. These tools are highly effective for the recovery and preservation of digital evidence.

Forensic tools are available in two major categories; software tools and hardware tools. Forensic hardware tools, such as write-blockers, are specifically designed for the preservation of relevant evidence in a specific device.

On the other hand, forensic video analysis software tools are specifically designed to complement the hardware tools. Their functions include acquiring and analysis of digital pieces of evidence from the suspect’s gadget. These pieces of evidence are usually very difficult to discover and recover because the suspect already deleted or hidden them.

Why are video forensic tools important today?

  • Video identification

One important aspect of digital forensics is forensic video identification. In this case, investigators usually get a specific database sample image and compare it to the acquired video evidence.

During this process, the investigator can encounter a couple of challenges. The major one is that the expert might end up facing an issue, in which the available database image sample is not enough to compare to the digital evidence on the ground. In this case, what the investigator needs is to opt for the right Cognitech video forensic tool, such as TriSuite64 forensic video analysis software.

  • Differentiating between manipulated images and image enhancements

Another commonly encountered challenge in digital forensics is the ability of the investigator to quickly distinguish between falsified images and image enhancements. With the right video forensic software tool, the investigator can always overcome this issue. A good example of a software tool that can address this issue is Cognitech’s FIA 64 forensic image authentication.

  • Video enhancement

Today, CCTV and smartphone cameras are the two major sources of video evidence. Unfortunately, these devices don’t offer the best quality video recordings. This is another challenge that investigators often encounter.

To overcome this issue, the investigator needs to opt for the right video forensic tool, such as the Cognitech video enhancement software.

Where to find the right video forensic software tools?

When it comes to offering the right video forensic tool, Cognitech is one of the leading and reliable forensic software and services providers. Irrespective of the challenges you might be facing with your digital forensic evidence, you’ll certainly fond the right solution to it. Learn more about the different types of Cognitech video forensic software tools ls.


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