Exercise for Arthritis

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Exercise is a balm for the body and the soul. It helps you stay fit and keep your body weight moderate. Exercise also helps in improving your mood, uplifting your spirits, and lowering stress levels. 

However, there is an important aspect of exercise that might seem counterintuitive to people; it also helps in making the bones and muscles strong, so is good for people suffering from musculoskeletal issues. 

One would think that exercise, since it takes energy and requires a lot of movement, might actually be bad for those with arthritis, which is a condition remarked by intense joint pain. But as your Orthopedic Surgeon in Karachi would also tell you, it is in fact good for patients of arthritis. 

Arthritis and exercise 

People who have arthritis have mobility issues. Pain decreases their range of motion. It then not only has a grave impact on one’s mobility but being constantly in pain is also detrimental for mental health as well. 

Exercise, on the other hand, can help in controlling the symptoms of arthritis. It can aid in curbing pain associated with the disease. It also is good for improving the range of motion, so people can be more mobile. 

The right type of exercise, one that is easier on the joints, can also then help in people feeling more energized. Lesser pain also then means they have better mood. Moreover, their quality of life otherwise is also improved; it can mean more sleep, greaer ability to continue with their day-to-day activities, lowered 

Some useful exercises 

You have to be careful about the exercise that you pick; it must be easier on your joints. Some exercises that you can do with arthritis include:

Stationary cycling 

While not everyone would be comfortable with cycling, as it involves the danger of taking a fall, stationary cycle on the other hand, offers the benefits of cycling with the danger of fall. It also is easier on the knees. 


Swimming is easier on the joints. It can also help in improving the symptoms of musculoskeletal issues. Moreover, swimming also offers resistance training. It is also good for losing weight, so if your weight is aggravating your symptoms of arthritis, then do consider it. 


Although not a full-fledged exercise per se but stretching is a physical activity that is great for everyone, including those who have arthritis. 

Incorporate difficult forms of body stretches. You may do them whenever convenient, but if you wake up with a stiff body, then perhaps you should opt for doing the stretches in the morning. 

Tai chi 

Tai chi is composite of focus on breathing with fluid movements. You can also take it up for a gentle workout that benefits your condition as well. 


You can also take up less challenging forms of yoga to manage arthritis. Yoga is also good for your stress levels, as it helps in improving breathing. Moreover, yoga is also good for improving mood, and has a positive impact on mental health as well. 


A light stroll through the park can not only be great for uplifting your mood, but it also helps in improving the symptoms of arthritis. 

Some tips for exercises with arthritis 

Consistently work out 

For maximum benefit, it is important that you consistently work out. You cannot expect changes within a week; it takes constant effort for the benefit to become apparent 

Wear protective garb

When it comes to exercise of any form, being safe is important, and it becomes even more important for those with arthritis. Make sure that your footwear is proper. Wear pads to be safe when cycling. Have an anti-slip mat for yoga. 

Consult your doctor

Different patients have different challenges. Their stages of the disease might also be different. Hence, it is important that you consult your Orthopedic Surgeon in Islamabad and discuss your exercise regimen with them so that you remain safe. 

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