Everything You Should Know About Title Loans


Needs arise that make people eager it get a loan to sort out the problem where there is no money available to solve the problem we have immediately. 

In such situations getting title loans is an option that borrowers go with because even when most of them have a poor credit rating, they can still get this loan, and they prefer to borrow the money from a friend or other loan options. 

When you have an urgent need for cash then online loans come here to facilitate you. You can apply online, receive specific offers and get the payment within the same day. An online loan is considered a more convenient and quick one.

A title lender only needs your vehicle signed over as collateral before they give you the money you are requesting for. But, the short time slated for loan repayment usually makes it essential for borrowers to pay back their loan quickly if they don’t want to risk losing ownership of the vehicle.

One of the best agencies to get this loan is on iPaydayLoans because of the quick approval rate for the loans and the fact that they take the time to match you with the right lender for you.

In this article, you will find out all you need to know about this loan so that it will guide you in getting one readily approved.

How you can get your title loans approved

Applying for this loan is usually more straightforward than you think because you can apply for it from anywhere you are and get instant approval.

The beauty of it is that lenders who are ready to give you the loan are available online. All you have to do is locate a loan agency like iPaydayLoans to help you with the process.

Before your application can get approved, there are certain documents you need and information to fill out correctly, and they are:

A valid car title

A title loan works when you have a valid car title to show when requested during the application process. Most lenders will want it signed as collateral so that it can be possessed when you default in payment.

A valid car title shows you have complete ownership and possession of the vehicle without anyone else having a title. Having this title improves your approval process. 


Irrespective of the loan you are applying for, you need to show proof of identification before your application can get approved.

Any identification medium like your state identification card, passport, driver’s license, school, or work identification card to prove that you are who you say you are.

A pictorial look at the car

When applying for this loan online which is what most people prefer, you have to show a pictorial look of the car.

The picture should show the car’s interior and exterior look to facilitate the creditor’s decision-making process.

The picture replaces a creditor physically inspecting the car. So, it would help if you tried to take good shots of the vehicle.

Source of income

Your invoice, bank statements, and your social security benefits statements are some of the things you can use as proof of your income.

This loan is given when the creditor is sure that you can repay the money, and this helps to assure them that during the duration, you will be able to pay off the money with interest; even if you are an entrepreneur or self-employed, you can still show a bank statement of your earnings as proof.

Showing income proof is unavoidable if you want to get the loan you need.

Proof of address

Showing your proof of residence is unavoidable when getting this loan. A creditor needs to know where they can reach you if there is a default in paying. 

Most loan agencies accept your phone number and utility bills as proof. Others go as far as requesting to see a title of your house or a rent agreement. 

What is the borrowing limit?

Creditors determine how much they are willing to give you for the loan. Some lenders look at the value of the vehicle you are signing as collateral and use its value as the threshold of the amount you will be given.

Most creditors don’t give you a loan that exceeds your car’s worth, others may give you more than that, but it is rare. But, when you are getting a loan, choose an amount you need and can pay back during the allocated time so that you don’t risk losing your signed vehicle.

Can I drive my car during the loan period?

Yes, taking title loans with your vehicle does not prevent you from driving your vehicle during the loan period. You have complete possession of your car during the loan period. However, when you cannot pay your debt in full, your creditor gets possession of the vehicle.

When can I get the loan?

There are other good alternatives to this loan because when the short time to repay it is considered coupled with the high-interest rate, it is better to pick other options.

But, if you still want this loan, you can get it if you are in dire need of cash and think that a payday loan will not be a good choice for you. 

When you are in financial difficulty, too, you can opt for this loan and get approved quickly.

Are there prepayment charges for it?

Unlike most loans with prepayment charges for repaying your loan before time, this loan doesn’t have those charges.

So, you can repay all the loans before your due date, and you don’t have to pay any charges or fees.

Final thoughts

Even if you have filed for bankruptcy, you can still get this loan provided you have a car to use as collateral. Also, you get to have the money instantly deposited into your bank account once it has been approved.

Finding the right lender can be difficult in this process, and you don’t want to get a loan that will charge you a high interest for the duration it takes to repay it fully. So, reach out to iPaydayLoans to help you with your loan process.


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