Escape the ordinary with candles

Australian candles
Australian candles

Candles are not just used when there is a power cut. They have widely used light sources worldwide apart from battery and electricity-operated lights. Candles are popular in places like the United States, Europe, and Australia. Australian candles are gaining popularity across the world due to the unique designs and scents emitted by them.

There are many occasions on which one can use candles in Australia.

i) Romantic dates- To make the evening special, one can decorate the room with scented candles to enlighten the mood. Non-scented candles can also be used in different sizes and colours. The candle’s moonlight glow creates a different vibe for the people. The evenings in Australia can be made beautiful with candles.

ii) Relaxation- Many yoga and meditation centres in cities like Grand Rapids, Sydney, etc., use scented candles as the released odour relaxes a person’s mind while performing yoga. It allows the person to concentrate and think better. Other familiar places where the candles are used are spa and massaging centres. It soothes a person’s mind and allows the whole mind and body to relax. One can also feel relaxed just by lighting candles at home, listening to music, or reading a book. Candles also provide good sleep as they can be pretty soothing.

iii) Showing respect to the dead- In English countries, people show gratitude to the deceased by lighting a candle in front of their grave or photo. A large number of people gather together, holding candles in their hands to show respect to someone inspirational who has passed away before.

iv) Religious ceremonies- Candles are also used at many religious occasions and festivals such as marriages, Diwali, birthdays, etc. They are lit every morning in lakhs of temples and churches to show respect to the god. Among the mentioned festivals, candles are most widely purchased and used during Diwali as they are the lights festival. Millions of people in Asia follow this tradition.

To escape the pressurizing lifestyle of the metropolitan cities, especially in places like Australia, candles provide the perfect escape from reality. What better way to have a relaxing sleep or to clear your mind than with candles. Allowing your mind and body to stop and pause for a moment from the harsh lifestyle is essential as an average person working in Australia is very stressed. The calming odour of the candles is not all that they offer. There are many benefits of candles. They are known to provide aromatherapy.

Simply put, it is a process of generating positive vibes and relieving negative ones. Australian candles are also used as they create a great ambience and make the environment special. Candles can be a great source of memory jogger. Since it allows a person’s mind to relax and clear negative thoughts, it takes them back to their happy place, like childhood. This has a lot of positive impacts mentally. It is also a great add-on to a person looking to meditate. Australia is known as a place for rush and pollution; people residing there are highly recommended to meditate using a scented candle.

Take precautionary measures

One should be careful while using candles as they can be pretty harmful. One must not light candles in a closed air-conditioned room. The fire emitted by the candle reacts with the air released by the air conditioner and produces harmful gases, eventually causing a fire. Inhalation of such gases leads to respiratory and lung problems. A candle should be lit far away from flammable materials like silk, polyester, and plastic as they catch fire quickly. Careful use of a matchstick or a lighter is advised. The recklessness of any kind might lead to a disastrous experience instead of a calming one.




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