Embroidered Company Polo Shirts

company shirt embroidery

Polo shirts are a great choice for company shirt printing and company shirt embroidery. They are comfortable, come in different colours, appearances and styles, are affordable and can be dressed up or kept casual depending on the business. That is why polo shirts are such a popular option for companies wanting to design employee uniforms and create t-shirts for marketing and promotion purposes. Anyone can wear polo shirts, men, women, elders, and children so a business can order a range of sizes, get them embroidered and printed and then use them how they want to without having to pay a great deal of money in expenses. Often you can send shirts for embroidery or printing and when you do it with a bulk order you can get discounts on the costs.

Stand out in a competitive market

When today’s market is so competitive and you need your brand and your business to stand out, corporate shirt embroidery is a great option. You can choose both long and short-sleeve options, choose a fabric you know people appreciate and then have your company stitched on somewhere, or have something printed on and add embroidered details. When most businesses that do get t-shirt printing are not choosing polo styles and are not choosing embroidery, it is a good way to be different.

Low-cost promotion material

There are several types of materials that are great to use for promotion purposes. Caps, fleeces, t-shirts and polo shirts too. All of them can be used for company shirt embroidery purposes. As long as you do not choose to have a large design embroidered, as it is priced per stitch, then it can be a low-cost way to generate material that people like and are happy to keep wearing. When they wear your shirt over and over again you are getting repeated marketing from it. When you create a low-cost work uniform this way, you are getting a better-looking team of workers, easier to identify when working and they too are promoting the business when they walk around in the shirt at work and when not at work.

Whether you are promoting a new restaurant, a new club, a new product in your store, promotional polo shirts have a lot of power. Increase awareness with the public. Hand them out to staff, as prizes for social media competitions, in quizzes, at events and more. These days most printers that offer embroidery do it by machine not by hand as they can still have high production rates. They are usually controlled by a computer with the right program. Businesses choose to create logos this way, text, and positions, names and more.


Corporate shirt embroidery could be a great choice for your staff and for promotional material. Look for services that offer fair pricing, check the quality of their work and what customers have to say about their shirts and see if you can get a discount if you order a larger amount.






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