Elevator shoes for men


As the name implies, elevator shoes help to increase your height and make you stand taller than you would without them. When you think about a footwear that adds a few inches to your height, the go-to thoughts are high heels or stiletto heels, pumps, kitten heels, platform heels and wedge shoes but what happens when a masculine man needs to get a shoe for the same purposes? That’s where elevator shoes come in. They not only offer a premium choice for men to augment their height, they also make for classy choices in the men’s footwear category.┬á

Although high heels are the most popular shoes that increase the height of its wearers, they contribute to major postural problems and pains in the body especially in the back. The misalignment of joins in the vertebral region is a disadvantage that high heels contribute to bad posture that elevator shoes do not. These shoes are incredibly functional to the purpose they are created with many other additional benefits that we will examine shortly.

You look taller

A roller physic is often desirable among males especially the one in professional jobs that require a substantial inch added to your height to make a statement whenever you walk into the room. As a man, a taller posture can be the difference between you being disrespected or honoured in various situations. Though it should not be so, we know that how tall a man looks contributes to how he is perceived by others. Hence you may find that a shorter man will be mistaken for a younger man and will not be given the respect that a younger but taller man will be given.

Professional benefits

As mentioned before, in a professional job, being a few inches taller can contribute to the esteem a person will enjoy in their place at work. Take for instance in a project meeting where you have to stand up and make a presentation. Or in a hall where you have to be in front of the crowd to address the audience. A taller man attracts a more professional atmosphere that will be as a result of even his height alone.

Love Interest Purposes.

It is already an established fact that women are attracted to taller men. It increases their level of appeal due to the fact that men are loved for their masculine qualities that makes one more able to protect and defend and the other less appealing because of his inability to.

Taller men tend to intimidate people more, making women feel more secure around them. Elevator shoes can be the difference for you especially when you have found it difficult to be approached by women or found interesting. This is not a matter of deception because though we know women like their men taller, they ironically would wear high heels on dates. If you are not confident in your height, an elevator pair of shoes can work the magic for you because after the day is done and you’re both to your normal height, you would have reduced in height even as she will too.

Better posture

Elevator shoes not only are your go to shoes for style and fashion, that are also known to correct body postures too. And with that, you will see a huge improvement with the position of your shoulder and head with least body pain.

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