Education and Teenagers


This age includes a vast amount of mutiny in it and never wants to be controlled by any entity. But through the proper guidance and training teenage students can utilize the enthusiastic energy of this age in a very productive way. ERP for school also takes the learning and education of teenage students very seriously. ERP for school takes care of such situations where teachers should support the students emotionally. This age of kids can be hard for parents and guardians to manage with because it is easy to nurture a kid and deal with him/her until he or she hits the adolescent age.

And in the same way teens also think that neither their parents nor tutors can understand them. Parents-children bond needs to be healthy otherwise this directly affects their learning in their school life. Many studies have demonstrated that a strong parents-children relationship gives a child good mental health, provides success in academy life, makes the child have a sense of belongingness which encourages the kids to run after their ambitions and goals in their school/college life and make them achieve self-esteem.

Whenever kids turn into teens it becomes very difficult for them to face such changes because when they have to start in a new school they get emotionally confused as to how to cope up with so much on his plate. They have to get into a completely new environment with completely unfamiliar faces in classroom. At this point mostly teenagers feel themselves alone even being in crowd of students in classroom so it is necessary for the mentors and parents specially to talk to the kid after he/she reaches home from school so that it can lighten the heart and they can think over things positively.

Till now kids were dependent upon parents or teachers or mentors for important decisions of their lives. They used to get instructions only to do this and that from elders and were not allowed to make decisions of their own but all of a sudden, a lot of things changes. Now they are considered as adults although partially but still parents start to make them take their own decisions. So suddenly they get confused and inexperienced and feel hesitant to make their own decisions. Physical and psychological changes bother a lot which affects studies also. All of a sudden voice changes in boys and they hesitate to go school and to talk to their peer group or to take part in any activities and the same happens with girls also because along with curiosity they also feel confusion and hesitation about how to cope up with these changes.

Parents need to sit with their growing kids and talk to them, make them understand the hierarchy chain of this change and also make them understand with pamper voice to how to embrace these changes. They should teach kids lovingly to now maintain hygiene, organise their study themselves, with growing body they can’t roam naked anymore in home & need to dress themselves with school uniform & socially; properly by themselves & take their decisions themselves.

Let the kids talk about their issues, maybe you can help them in their assignment which is bothering them. Being parents use a gentle touch to maintain the border line of respect but never feel shy total on tough topics like career, sex, changes in body & emotions, death, knowledge, life etc. Which even teen kids also feel shy because then who will guide them if parents will feel shy. This way your teenage kid will get proper knowledge not from a magazine but from his/her own parents plus teenage kids need to know about such grave topics and should be efficient enough to deal with such topics. It is very common that teenage kid’s outburst in anger and they cannot control their anger and temperament because being young they assume they don’t need anyone for anything though later they regret when their temper cools off. So, in such situations parents need to stay calm and silent because as being older you have experience and you know that anger gets defeated in front of politeness. It assists the kids to manage their teenage difficulties as LMS portals help them in their online learning because LMS portals help the children to learn online safely and comfortably.

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