Earn CISA Certification to Fly in the Field of IT Audit


The demand for CISA certification is increasing rapidly every day across industries. This certification is best for professionals wanting to enhance their career growth. It will also help you to boost up your career level. It is considered to be the best choice for improving your skills and gaining acknowledgement. 

Since there is a high necessity of a stronger security system, the majority of the industries are hiring cybersecurity professionals to protect their confidential information that may include sensitive information, financial information, and so on. It will validate your skills and experience in auditing, monitoring, and securing the network services. 

This certification is best suitable for you if you want to enhance your career opportunities in this field of work. You will also be able to enhance your skills and knowledge with this certification. 


You must complete the requirements of the exam first to be able to qualify for the CISA certification such as:

  • You must obtain 4000 hours of working experience in Information systems, control, security, and monitor. 
  • You should have a working experience of around one year in Information Security. This one year can be exchanged with one year of Information security auditing. 

Outline of the CISA certification Exam:

To be able to gain the CISA certification, you are required to clear the CISA certification exam successfully. You must answer a total of 150 questions within four hours. To pass the exam, you require a score of 450 or higher out of 800 points. To prepare the CISA certification exam, you can choose online training courses or in-person courses as per your choice. You can also use the numerous guides and materials available on CISA. 

The five domains in CISA certification are quite important, and you must gain an in-depth understanding of the five domains. The CISA certification training courses can help you with your preparation. These courses can enhance your chances of passing the certification exam in your first attempt.

Advantages of the CISA certification:

CISA certification is recognized globally. It will allow you to create a perfect profile for you to be able to land a job in abroad. This certification enables you to gain acknowledgement and recognition within your industry. 

CISA certification is useful for helping the IT professionals to increase their skills and knowledge in the implementation of best practices and to understand every concept of this field of work. Achieving this certification will allow you to lead a path of success by Sprintzeal

The most important benefits of CISA certification are:

  • It helps you to validate your immense skills and knowledge in your profession. 
  • It enables you to receive a global acknowledgement.
  • You can also add value to the industry with your skills and experience.
  • You will be able to stay ahead from other individuals without CISA certification. 

The average salary of CISA certified professionals is around $83,000 to $107,000. Although the salary usually depends on a wide range of reasons which includes your experience, requirements of the hiring company, skills, knowledge, and so on. 

Steps to achieve the CISA certification:

1. Practice Sample Questions

You must practice CISA questions that are given in the ISACA database and prepare for the exam by learning how to provide answers to these questions. You can also use the resources or sample questions that are available on ISACA. You can also find numerous free sample questions to practice online. Practising will allow you to determine your weakness. Thus, you can work on strengthening those weak areas from the syllabus. 

2. Imagine like an Auditor to pass CISA Certification.

This exam includes auditing of control, security and data. Thus, by thinking like an auditor, you can solve the real-world organizational problems that are given in the exam. 

3. Articles related to CISA

There are numerous articles available online that provide information regarding the major areas of the CISA exam and thus helps you to prepare better for the CISA exam.

4. CISA Guide Revision

This guide helps you to prepare CISA certification exam by providing the required knowledge about the exam content, roles of an internal auditor and applicants can prepare better for the exam.

5. ISACA Website Resources

This website is helpful for preparing for the CISA Certification exam. It includes resources that are helpful for passing the examination, such as:

  • Questions related to assessment.
  • Guidelines regarding Information
  • Guidelines regarding auditing
  • Download Whitepapers

These are some of the best tips that might be helpful for you while preparing for the CISA certification exam.

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