Does your roof need cleaning? How to inspect the roof?

Does your roof need cleaning

Living in a home and maintaining them is not an easy task. It’s not easy to determine the condition of the roof that lives above your head. Regular roof inspection has an important place for small issues arising on your roof. If these small issues are not taken care of and overlooked, it comes a time when you need a costly roof replacement. If you wish to save money for the long run to protect your home. Regular inspection in roof cleaning is an important task to perform seriously.

Even a strong and durable roof can be damaged, if not inspected properly. Inspecting twice a year can prevent structural damage to homes, especially after harsh weather like rain and snow. The main reason for roof inspection is to locate potential problems and spots for vulnerable areas.

What to expect from inspection?

Before the inspection, you need to find some parameters that define the condition of the roof. The most common problems that arise with roofs are loose broken or missing material, blistered, curled-off split shingles. 

Inspect shingle granules in the rain gutter, improper conditioning and installation. The rafter ridge and broken shingles should be taken care of. Loosening or missing corroded flashing, rusty metal in the roof, roof ventilation, checking pipe vent, clogged drains and water pooling problems.

Checklist for a roof inspection

For homeowners, identifying minor issues is almost impossible. Here is a list that can help you to understand how to inspect roo h and find out any wrong during the process. 

  • Roofline inspection

Roof inspection begins with the basic level of the roofline. The roof inspector checks the slope and profile to ensure the lines of the home. The peaks of the roof should be in proper line and parallel to the ground. The sides of the room should have a uniform and the materials shouldn’t bubble up.

  • Roof material

A professional roof inspector analyses the signs of any shingles, crack, wrapping and patches. This is important to check because analysing any loose shingles can increase the risk of water leakage in damaged metal roofs and dent by causing water leaks in roofs. The water leak in damaged material of the roof and they look warn out and perform poorly. A full replacement will be necessary if these signs go unnoticed. 

  • Check gutter, mould and attic

Biospecting home theatre can reduce the risk of roof leaks. A bent gutter can have a lot of debris which can choke the water flow where is supposed to be and cause roof damage. 

Attic inspection is important to confirm insulation levels. The attic should get enough airflow and ventilation without any leakage.

Checking the accumulation of any moss and mould will help to avoid any health problems by eradicating them.


 A roof inspector looks around the interior and exterior of the roof to deduce if your roof needs repair or replacement. Regular checking is important to avoid any build-up of big problems which can cause serious financial damage.



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