Does Hostbillo’s Linux Reseller Hosting Plans Include a One-Click Installer?

Linux Reseller Hosting Plans


For beginning a reseller business, you require a powerful & flexible web hosting plan that allows you to meet the needs of your end customers & clients. This is where Hostbillo’s Reseller Hosting Plans find their perfect positions. They enable you to customize the web hosting plans & resources according to the necessities of your customers. Moreover, when you acquire Linux Reseller Hosting Plans with a one-click installer facility it gives you more power over the web space you get. You can install many web applications into your system without anyone’s permission as you also get full authority with th plan.

Plunge into the sections below to get insights into the significance & benefits of the one-click installer that Hostbillo provides with its reseller hosting package.

What is a One-click Installer?

One-click installer serves as the most simplified way by which you get the possibility to install software & applications into your system without any hassle. Earlier, you are required to follow a detailed process in order to add repositories & pick the packages you wish to install at any point in time. However, with a one-click installer, you just have to click on a Setup file on a disk or open a link on a webpage. After doing so, you will be guided via the whole installation process by a wizard. This makes it easy to install applications & software with just one click. 

You can find various one-click installers in the industry but the two most popular & prevalent ones are –

  • Softaculous – Sofculous one-click installer assures the installation of all the necessary scripts as well as PHP classes into your system.
  • Installatron – Installatron is a one-click web application installer that provides the easiest way to promptly install and seamlessly manage the leading web apps.  

Both the installers further enable you to save your money & time. 

Benefits of getting a One-click Installer with Reseller Hosting Plans

Compared to the traditional ways of installation, a one-click installer provides you with numerous benefits. Mentioned below are listed some of them associated with one-click installers-

Easy to Utilize 

The one-click installer can be employed easily & smoothly. You are not required to know or learn any coding language to comprehend the working of the one-click installation method. You just need to follow what the installation wizard will take you through. 

Quick to Install

Unlike the methods of traditional installation which were bulky, tiresome, and time-consuming, the one-click installer lets you enjoy a faster method of installation. With one-click installation, you get the chance to install software jointly with all the programs that come bundled with it in fractions of seconds. 

It is all-inclusive

With the help of a one-click installation methodology, you can easily install any number of programs or apps simultaneously. The one-click installer ensures that all the programs that get installed through it are fully functional.

Get Softaculous Installer with Hostbillo’s Linux Reseller Hosting

As mentioned at the start, you can easily put your faith in Hostbillo web hosting company to obtain the best Linux Reseller Hosting for your web business. It is a highly recognized web host across the globe for accommodating every demand & necessity of varied reseller businesses. Further, at Hostbillo Hosting Solution, you acquire the support of top-tier infrastructure, progressive data security features & resilient hardware tools. Moreover, you can choose the most suitable one among the Linux Reseller Hosting Plans that come at the cheapest rates. With every Web Hosting Plan, the company offers the powerful Panel (including WHM) & one-click Softculous installer at zero cost. This enables you to seamlessly handle, administer & manage your reseller business without any hassle. Further, your business website gets the opportunity to deliver the most efficient & fastest performance.

What are the Other Things Hostbillo’s Cheap Linux Reseller Hosting includes?

With the Linux Reseller Hosting Plans, Hostbillo web hosting company renders numerous beneficial features as well as administrative privileges. Some of them are listed below – 

  • 24/7 Technical & customer assistance service via a team of proficient specialists
  • 99.90% Uptime guarantee
  • Highest network connectivity
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Unlimited domains & subdomains
  • Automated backup facilities
  • Easy data migration services
  • Advanced data security features
  • Multiple MySQL databases support
  • Private Nameservers
  • Instant Provisioning
  • 7 Days credit back assurance with all the Linux Reseller Hosting Plans
  • 100% White-Labeled web services
  • Free cPanel
  • Free Web Host Manager 


The Best Linux Reseller Hosting serves as an ideal cost-effective choice to operate your reseller web business with utmost security & high-end performance. It lets you obtain high hosting flexibility, customizability, an independent hosting environment, easily scalable web resources, and many other administrative privileges. Hostbillo web hosting company also offers a Cheap Linux Reseller Hosting plan with a free one-click Softculous installer business website. The company also lets you enable the high-speed web page loading of your business website.

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