Different Uses of Quartz


Quartz, a silicon and oxygen-rich mineral is abundant in Earth’s crust and resistant to weathering, concentrating in soil, rivers, and beaches when rocks are eroded. The white sands are naturally found on beaches and rivers, and couches are typically composed chiefly of quartz with white or pink feldspar.

Quartz’s pure white colour can be altered by impurities within its atomic lattice, resulting in various hues such as purple, green, orange, yellow, pink, brown, black, grey, blue, and red. Multiple varieties of quartz have different uses.

Here, we will discuss different uses of quartz.

Quartz Crystals in Electronics

Like in creating timepieces and clocks, quartz crystals are also used in electronics because they are currently on their exterior when deformed or pressed. Quartz crystals have been used for years to show an exact frequency for all radio receivers, GPS transmitters, radio transmitters, and computers.

This correctness comes from the reality that quartz crystal is unaffected by most solvents, and it remains crystalline at hundreds of degrees Fahrenheit.

Quartz Heat Lamps

Quartz heat lamps, also known as quartz heat lamps, are naturally created using tungsten filaments enclosed and locked in quartz tubes. Quartz is a perfect material for this use since it doesn’t change even at the high temperatures produced by the lamp and can see through infrared radiation. Another name for lamp elements is quartz halogen lamps.

Quartz Heaters

Similar in concept, quartz heaters use infrared radiation as the heat transmission method instead of heating the air as convection heaters do. They also employ quartz heating components. Infrared heating is usually classified into three types according to their wavelength: short-wave infrared, medium-wave infrared, and long-wave infrared.

These heaters are commonly used in outdoor patios where convection heat is not feasible due to a lack of insulation to trap the warm air.

Uses in the Petroleum Industry

The resistance of quartz sand to crushing is excellent. In the petroleum industry, a procedure known as hydraulic fracturing involves forcing sand slurries down oil and gas wells at extremely high pressures. Because of the high pressure, the rocks in the reservoir fracture, allowing the sand slurry to seep into the fractures.

The firm sand grains grip the fractures exposed after removing the pressure. These exposed fractures enable the movement of natural gas into the well bore.

Quartz Insulation Due to Thermal Resistance

Quartz is non-flammable and has elevated thermal resistance, making it appropriate for use as an insulator material. Like fibreglass, quartz fibres are fabricated and moulded into wool that can generate diverse insulation materials.

High-temperature gas filtration also employs a wool material similar to this one, which comes in a range of grades from coarse to ultra-fine.

Kitchen Countertops and Slabs

Engineered quartz stones, derived from raw quartz, are widely used as counters and slabs in residential and commercial buildings. Certain features of engineered quartz stones differentiate them from natural stones like marble and granite. Because quartz is non-porous, stains cannot stick to it. As a result, quartz countertops are attractive, stain-resistant, simple to clean, and luxurious.

Foundry Sand

Quartz is usually used as a foundry sand because of its resistance to both chemicals and heat. It can be used for the moulds and cores of usual foundry work with a melting temperature higher than most metals. Due to its excellent heat resistance, quartz sand is typically used to make refractory bricks. In the process of smelting metals, quartz sand is an additional flux.

Use of White Quartz Crystals in Healing

White quartz crystals can be used to heal by placing them in injury or illness areas or carrying them for an energy field to maintain health. By putting white quartz crystals under your pillow, on top of your head, or anywhere there is an injury or disease, you can also use them to promote healing.

In addition, white quartz crystals are utilized in crystal healing treatments to cure conditions like depression, headaches, arthritis, and other joint problems.


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