Is it worth purchasing a Crawl Space vent cover today? What’s your take on this? Today’s article explains if using one for your Crawl Space vent is a rather bad idea and tips on closing your Crawl Space during winter. But before we look at that, let’s have a quick look at why Crawl Space vents were originally made.

Why Were Crawl Space Vents Made at First?

Crawl Space vents were originally made to allow airflow and circulate evenly beneath your floor in the Crawl Space while preventing the buildup of moisture. However, the Crawl Space vent tends to allow air inside, whether warm or cold. 

Warm air can rot your floorboards, joints, and beams and also causes mold, while cold air leads to cracks in pipes during winter or even condensation.

What Happens When Crawl Space Vents are Left Open?

Leaving your Crawl Space vent open allows outside air to circulate under your floor in summer to curb moisture buildup. But do you know that this moisture you’re trying to prevent still builds up when your Crawl Space vents are left open? Let’s look at certain factors to note when leaving your Crawl Space open.

  • Moisture

 Remember, Crawl Space vents allow all sorts of air to enter the lower level of your home, whether warm or cold. It lets humid air enter your Crawl Space, and wherever you’ve got humidity, you’ll certainly have water, and once there’s water down there, mold comes up. 

Aside from this, moisture also results in mildew and wood rot that gradually eats away your building’s support beams and floor joists.

  • Energy Utilization

When you’ve got an open Crawl Space vent allowing cold air beneath your home, and you try heating your home during winter, the heating process would be hectic. This will also have an effect on some bills. For instance, you’ll get to use more power, increasing electrical fees.

  • Pests

Animals are constantly looking for a safe place to stay, and your Crawl Space makes up a perfect spot. During winter, pests could move into your Crawl Space via your vents. When not covered properly, you could be letting snakes, raccoons, mice, opossums, mice, and many more animals come live with you.

  • Quality Of Air

Do you know that air quality in your home depends on the quality in your Crawl Space? If your Crawl Space is packed with humid, damp air, you’ll start to breathe in some musty smell, which might lead to complications.

Getting a Crawl Space Vent Cover Today

By now, I guess you’ve had a good idea of the importance of using a Crawl Space vent cover. But which one is the best for my home? Well, I recommend the Vanity Vents Crawl Space vent cover. Unlike the open Crawl Space, which allows cold air to fill your whole Crawl Space during the winter months, Vanity Vents covers your currently exposed outside Crawl Space vents on all four sides of your home, aiding in weatherizing your home for lesser home electric and gas bills. 

Designed with the most sensitive homeowners in mind, the Vanity Vent Crawl Space cover is highly innovative, comes in different colors, and has an affordable price tag. 

Talking about its installation, Vanity Vents Crawl Space vents covers require no tools for work done. All that’s needed of you is to clip your vent covers directly onto your exposed outside Crawl Space.

With vanity Crawl Space covers, you’re 100% sure to have a Crawl Space with no pests around, no more musty smells filling up your room, and a drop in your utility bills. Sound amazing, right?          

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