Cracked iPhone Screen? Fix It With Cell Phone Repair Shop


Imagine this scenario in slow motion: You go for a jog in the park. A cool morning breeze is blowing, there is greenery all around you. It’s spring, so you also see many beautiful flowers in the morning. You have a habit of listening to songs via your headphones. You take out your phone, connect it to headphones, and start jogging again. You are enjoying the jog but forgot to put your phone back in your pocket. After a few minutes, there is a stone in your jogging track you don’t see or realize until you trip over it. Don’t worry you are safe and secure. Nothing happened to you. Oh, wait! You don’t hear music in your ears. One moment you are vibing to songs, and the next movement music has stopped. You realize that you don’t even have a phone in your hand. That’s where the panic will set, and your heart will start pounding. After a few seconds, you see your phone lying on the ground a few meters away from you. You feel relaxed, get up and pick up your iPhone from the ground. What you see next blows your mind away. The screen is broken and shattered. You will become upset, sit on the bench and keep staring at it. That’s where My Mobile Xperts comes in. They are a cell phone repair shop that suggests steps to fix cracked and broken screens. Let’s see what you can do to resolve the issue. 

What Must You Do Right Away

You must first familiarize yourself with the type of severity of broken phones. There are many kinds of cracks you can face on your phone screen. From light scratches to spider-web scratches and completely missing pieces of the screen, you must be ready for everything. It might be possible that you could be dealing with a cosmetic problem or an entirely shattered and broken screen. Now you have to access your phone’s damage severity under a light. Give it a look before putting it back in your pocket, and see if the scratches are light or if your screen is about to fall off. Don’t worry, in lots of cases, the screen doesn’t fall off your phone. It will remain intact, but you must keep tweeting, and see if your screen functions properly and if the display is visible to you. 

Apply a Packing Tape

This method is only until you become eligible to afford an upgrade. If you can’t immediately go for a permanent option, the best thing would be to apply packing tape on your phone screen to prevent the screen from falling and your fingers from slicing and getting injured. The packing tape will act as a temporary protector. Remember it is not a permanent solution, and you will need a proper solution. You can also take suggestions from an authentic cell phone repair store in North Miami, FL. 

Applying a Protector

It would have been much better if you had a screen protector before you dropped your mobile phone. The damage must have been much less. You can apply a protector right now if you can’t immediately go for a screen replacement. A protector will ensure that you have no clean lines around the edges of your mobile phone. If the cracks are like a spider-web, the cracks may keep getting bigger with time until you lose your screen. Therefore, instantly applying a protector to prevent further cracks is necessary. You can apply the protector yourself, and if you don’t know how to do it, you can get it done by an electronic repair in North Miami, FL. 

Replace the screen yourself.

You can replace the screen yourself if you have knowledge, skills and expertise in this field. To replace a screen yourself, you might need proper equipment and tools not everybody has. These tools are expensive, and not everyone can afford them. First of all, it is better to get the screen replaced by an expert in the mobile repair shop. But if you are sure that you can do it on your own, you must keep a few things in mind. Replacing your screen can void your warranty. Ensure you can do it yourself and that you are not worried about the warranty. But if you have a slight doubt about your abilities, you must take it to a professional. Replacing the screen requires heating it. Only an expert can do it regardless. Analyse these things beforehand and then go for a suitable solution. 

Call in a Pro

You can always take your phone to experts and professionals working in a cell phone repair shop. These professionals have the tools and equipment to solve the problem. They also have the knowledge, expertise and skills to fix your phone screen. If you don’t know how to fix your phone yourself, don’t experiment with it by applying DIY methods. The professionals will repair your phone screen at reasonable prices. 

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