Cloud-based Video Surveillance Services

Cloud video surveillance
Cloud video surveillance

Cloud video surveillance is a service that allows you to work with video materials in the cloud. It significantly expands the functionality and makes video surveillance more convenient and efficient. Connection to the virtual infrastructure is carried out via the Internet. The cloud provider handles the technical maintenance and security settings. Read more about cloud video surveillance and the tool to use for enhancing forensic video.

Cloud video surveillance refers to any video surveillance system storing and viewing video through a cloud infrastructure. In addition, cloud videos are sometimes challenging to use for investigation because of the video quality.

This is why we opt for software that can help enhance and process the data for forensic video analysis and investigation in the cloud. Not every software can perform the enhancement as much as Cognitech cloud (MC2), a cloud video surveillance software.

Why cloud video surveillance?

When do we encounter cloud video surveillance? We do when suddenly the task of installing a video surveillance camera online for home or work appears. Ask yourself, can this problem be solved in the simplest and most efficient way? Yes, we say, this way is just a cloud server for video surveillance by subscription or a cloud video surveillance. Here are some reasons why we think so.

The storage of video archives in cloud video surveillance

The main idea is that a cloud service can automatically record video to the “cloud” by some event (for example, by triggering a motion detector). At the same time, you don’t have to limit yourself with the amount of disk space. You don’t have to think about how to organize video storage – hardware, archiving cycle, file storage structure, etc. Especially this system is ideal for home video surveillance.

Security in cloud video surveillance for the home

You can find enough sad examples of IP cameras being hacked on the net. In many cases, such incidents occur because the standard methods of organizing access to IP cameras via the Internet involve working with static addresses, and the security settings of the video camera do not bother to change from “default” to more stringent ones.

Video surveillance through a cloud service offers protection by encrypting video streams, which, accordingly, takes care of the security of access to subscribers’ virtual cabinets. You can even install a hidden surveillance camera – no one but you will see all its recordings.

The mobility of cloud video surveillance

Today, when mobile technologies are rapidly developing, we, the consumers of all these goods, gadgets, 3G/4G, and services, become not our own without “mobility.” And proper “mobility” can only be provided by a “cloud” provider because mobility is one of the main characteristics of any “cloud” solution.

So when using the cloud video surveillance service, you can easily watch video broadcasts and archives via the Internet on your smartphone or tablet anywhere in the world. Here are the reasons why we think that cloud video surveillance will be the easiest and most effective way for you to solve investigation problems.


Suppose you need to perform forensic video analysis in cloud, and you need cloud video surveillance software. In that case, Cognitech mc2 cloud is an online streaming forensic video investigation software available on PC/Mac web browsers everywhere in the world.



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