Can You Rely on a Shredding Company to Prevent Identity Theft?

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We are right to be concerned about online hackers and their sophisticated approaches, ranging from phishing to malware, in today’s digital age. However, many people are unaware that the bin is also a treasure trove for identity theft, and many criminals are waiting to use the items people throw away against them. To combat this, you must be fully aware of the various items criminals can use to build a picture of your identity to protect yourself. A trusted shredding company can secure your private data, but you must follow some precautions against identity theft.

Keep Your Identity Safe

Your identification is everything. It is the one thing you must protect at all expenses because having it stolen can result in life-changing consequences. We at Infoshield Security have made it one of our goals to assist individuals and businesses in protecting their identities and personal information. We accomplish this through our shredding, destruction, and data security services, but there are steps you can take to protect yourself from identity theft on your own.

Understand Who Is Collecting Your Data

Even if you like their products and services, don’t give telemarketers personal information (bank account numbers, social security numbers, etc.). Ask for their phone number so you can call them back.

Monitor Your Billing Cycle

You should contact creditors if your credit card bills do not arrive on time via email or regular mail. A missing credit card bill could indicate that your invoice or payment has been stolen. You should keep your credit card information safe so you can easily cancel all of your accounts if your wallet or online identity is stolen.

Secure Personnel Records 

Check that the records are secure and only accessible to those who have permission to see them. These records contain spousal information, social security numbers, birth dates, and other information that identity thieves find valuable.

Check Your Account Frequently

A vital step is to examine your credit report regularly. ID theft is frequently discovered when a new account appears on your credit report; checking ensures that you can address this fraud as soon as possible. Instead of waiting for your monthly statement, check your online or mobile banking options to review your accounts and identify any unusual activity.

Protect Yourself From Trash bin Divers

People are legally allowed to collect anything from your garbage. It includes information that will direct them to your money. Pre-approved credit card offers, your address, social security number, telephone number, email address, and bank account information are all potential sources of money if you don’t shred them before throwing them away.

There is no way to keep your garbage completely secure. To protect yourself, shred anything with identifying information before disposing it in a trash can.

Handover Financial Documents with Due care

The key to minimizing the risk is carefully storing necessary documents and destroying those no longer required. You can keep certain documents for tax and other reasons. Short of that, you should shred documents you no longer need regularly, especially those containing any account number or identifying information.

Be Anxious about Unsecured Wi-Fi

Criminals have gotten better at intercepting unsecured Wi-Fi communications. Online banking or anything related to finances on an unsecured Wi-Fi connection puts that information at risk of being accessed by hackers. Set up a password on your home Wi-Fi network to protect yourself, and save all of your banking and online shopping for the secure network.

Do not recycle bills or invoices.

Avoid recycling bills or invoices, account statements, credit card statements, insurance statements, and other similar documents. These documents contain exactly the type of information that ID thieves want.

Never, ever recycle junk mail.

Although it may appear innocuous, junk mail contains just enough information for identity thieves to steal your identity, including your name and address. Never put credit cards, loan offers mortgage offers, or other items containing your personal information in the recycling bin.

Shred expired documents

Shredding is the only permanent way to destroy obsolete paperwork. Using a confidential shredding company is the most secure method of destruction.

A Reputable Shredding Company can Assist you!

A professional shredding company can be more cost-effective and advantageous for your business. 

It can help you secure confidential information while relieving your team of the burden of managing the process internally, allowing them to work more effectively and efficiently.

By offering professional shredding services in New Jersey, Infoshield Security can assist you in protecting your identity. Our cutting-edge shredding trucks come to your home or office and shred everything right there. 

It allows you to witness the entire process; each shred comes with a certificate of destruction.

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