Bounce off the walls at the gym with pre-workout supplements

walls at the gym
walls at the gym

Fitness is an integral part of today’s competitive world. Everyone wants to make themselves fit and strong, whether young or old. It is said that abs are not built in the gym but the kitchen. It is because the diet and the supplements a person takes are as crucial as the time spent in the gym. Pre and post-workout supplements are a great way to provide energy. Redcon 1 total war is an excellent pre-workout supplement as it is rich in protein and other vital nutrients a person needs.

About the product.

A large tub of the product weighs around 441 grams and approximately provides up to 30 servings and lasts for a month. An adequate serving size would be about 14.7 grams. That should be enough for a 400ml pre-workout shake. It contains 250mg of caffeine and 3.2g of beta-alanine per serving and includes an extract of theobroma cocoa seed. The blue lemonade and the grape flavours are considered the best among all. It is sold at $39.99 in different stores and websites.

The combination of caffeine, taurine, and creatine provides the perfect stimulation and energy for a workout. This is a supplement that every gym and fitness freak must have in their stack. It creates a pump for the muscles and gradually reduces the feeling of fatigue. This product has been tested by researchers and is considered safe and effective.

Why are pre-workout supplements essential?

Pre-workout supplements are essential as they include caffeine. It gives a person the energy to do the necessary cardio and strength training. Research shows that people who hit the gym after having a pre-workout shake or meal are bound to feel less exhausted. These supplements help a person lift heavier weights and hence help burn more calories and build muscle. The Redcon 1 total war supplement contains beta-alanine. This ingredient helps a person do HIIT cardio- cardio that extensively increases a person’s heart rate. It lowers fatigue and helps the person last longer on a treadmill. Creatine is another important supplement that helps recover muscles. Muscles require some rest and recovery. Creatine is the best way to ensure that. When the body gets some creatine, it alerts the muscles and allows them to expand. This is why people who are looking to bulk prefer high supplements that are high in creatine and protein.

How to use the supplement powder?

For calorie deficit/shredding-Take two or more scoops of the Redcon 1 total war powder and mix it with water. Add honey as a sweetener if required.

For calorie surplus/bulking- Take two or more spoons of the powder and add it to milk. Blend it with some peanut butter and fruits, honey, and almonds to create the best pre-workout shake.

Where can one buy the product?

Many online websites sell the Redcon 1 total war supplement powder. It has many variants for both men and women. It is available in different flavours like gummy bear, strawberry kiwi, lemon-lime blast, orange crush, chocolate, green apple, and so on. It is also available in mini sizes and trail packs for the person to try before making long-term commitments. Although many offline stores are selling it, purchasing online is considered better as there are many websites to choose from. Moreover, there are many offers and discounts on the product.


Careful use of supplements.

However vital a supplement is, it should not be used in excess. Anything used in excess has adverse side effects and impact. Too much use of workout supplements can make the body get used to it, and even a simple jog or cardio can seem complicated without it. Workout powders and pills are also known to cause itching.



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