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A few decades ago, if you wanted to upgrade your home, you had to go to the bookstore. With the advent of the internet, websites and blogs popped up to help homeowners with everything from huge projects like painting the house to tiny but important things like fixing nail holes or drilling at an angle without the use of specialist gear. The substitute breed for major, encyclopaedic remodel sites was the house improvement or any lifestyle blogger. These content creators incorporate family, friends, and experiences into their home remodelling projects, bringing it all down to a more personal level. Because no single type of home remodelling blog is perfect for everyone, this list of the top remodelling websites covers the entire spectrum of available online assistance.

Therapy for Apartments

You have to enjoy a home improvement website with the slogan “helping the world, one room at a time”! Maxwell Ryan founded this incredibly thorough website in 2004; in his work as “part designer, half life coach,” he felt the need to equip folks with the knowledge for the design of options that employ the simplest for any individual’s lifestyle. Today, Apartment Therapy addresses multiple aspects of home life, including style, DIY and renovations, homekeeping, family life, and technology, through a variety of blog entries such as home projects, home tours, “best of” list articles, design trend pieces, and renovation suggestions.

The site is so huge that you won’t be able to search it for days – but the “Décor Styles” area is a great place to start, especially if you’re new to home décor and restoration (half way down the left column). Here you’ll find hundreds of articles relating to eight various current design trends to help you decide what you want and get ideas for your own projects.

Reno Compare

Reno Compare, a new kid on the block, was created early this year with the goal of creating a digital library of home improvement articles, renovation and remodelling project comparisons, ideas, and photographs. The ultimate goal of this home improvement website is to exhibit the work of homeowners, bloggers, and professional home improvement contractors, giving everyone the ability to review, investigate, and compare all types of remodelling projects like Kingdom valley.

The site is organised into Interiors and Exteriors projects by room or area, with an additional part documenting all the different specific projects that go into renovating a home, including flooring efforts like installing underfloor heating.

Hazelton, Ron

If you’re unfamiliar with the world of remodeling websites, Ron Hazelton is a leading authority in the DIY home improvement area and the host of his house improvement series,Hazelton’s House Calls, which is now in its twelfth season. The fact is that Ron Hazelton is fantastic! Anyone who has ever attempted to purchase a pre-finished hardwood floor is well aware of this. The numerous thorough step-by-step projects he covers on his website, replete with videos, are a valuable resource for DIYers of all levels of skill.

With many forms of interior and exterior projects covered, as well as a wealth of information on installing flooring of all varieties, this is a must-visit site for DIY enthusiasts – and also good for ensuring that you simply grasp all of the processes that your contractor is discussing.

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Personal Portfolio

Rolly Rouse and Tom Ashbrook, the self-proclaimed creators of the major interior design online library, have certainly established a highly thorough reference for interior designers globally, and an ideal addition to your home renovation websites list. Founded in the 1990s – before anybody else considered using the web in this way – Home Portfolio is now a major directory of home design items, with a digital library containing over a million high-end products from 2,200 manufacturers and 100,000 retailers worldwide!

With such a large image library, it’s easy to get lost within the site, but thanks to good design (of course), the site has been well-organized. On the homepage, there is a primary navigation bar with three main parts – Photos, Design Ideas, and Products – as well as an additional sub-navigation bar with 15 subsections for each room or sector of the house. Within each main part, there are further categories for room type, product kind, colour, or style, allowing you to easily drill down to the inspiring photos you require.


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