There are many communication applications where you can easily talk with your friends and family members living far away from you. This application helps you do live chat and video calls and send multimedia to your friends. Usually, these applications are free and safe. But some restricted features cannot be accessed in the standard version of this application. Communication applications are widely used apps with multiple features to see the live status of your friends. These apps have killed the problem of long-distance relations because you are near to your partner every time. You can talk with them as well. 

Internet applications have changed the mode of communication. There is no restriction on time, money, or signal issues. You can make a call any time you want. Here is a great communication application widely used in the era known as Fouad WhatsApp. This application has multiple features like audio calls, video calls, text messages, and sending or receiving media files to any contact. This application was introduced in 2009 by developers Jan Koum and Brian Acton. Now it has been used worldwide.

There are some features of WhatsApp that are restricted in the standard version. If you want to use all those features restricted in the standard, then go for the Fouad WhatsApp. You will have multiple features of Fouad WhatsApp. 

Hide last seen 

One of the best features of Fouad WhatsApp is that you can hide your last seen from specific contacts. If you want to show your last seen to specific persons, you can apply security, and your Fouad WhatsApp will work on your desires. 

Hide your profile image from specific contacts

This feature is the most demanded, and every person wants to use it, and that is to hide your profile image from specific persons. Sometimes it is mandatory to keep safe contacts with strange people, but standard WhatsApp does not have the feature to hide your profile from limited contacts. In Fouad WhatsApp, you can easily enable this feature and use it on your android phones. 

Block unwanted calls

If you WhatsApp app user, you will face that strange person who calls you many times, and you get bothered by them. To avoid these calls, you have to need to block features. This feature will help you to keep your mind cool and relaxed. 

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