Benefits of the 9006 LED Bulb

9006 LED Bulb

The 9006 LED bulb is an energy-efficient light source. Its low power consumption makes it ideal for general lighting in offices, shops and homes. In addition to being energy-efficient, this bulb also offers a wide range of benefits, such as long life and low maintenance. Its features include 6000 lumens and Cold-pressed aluminum heat sink. Its direct-fit plug-and-play connector is also a plus.

6000 Lumens

A 60,000-lumen halogen replacement, the 6000 Lumens 9006 LED bulb produces the same brightness as a traditional halogen, but with less power consumption. Its two LED emitters produce wide-angle light, and its aeronautical aluminum diffuser helps disperse heat, increasing the life of the product. Besides, it’s easy to install, requires no wiring and is instantly switchable.

As an almost-miniature counterpart to halogen, the 9006 LED bulb is compatible with 98% of vehicles without modification. Some sensitive models may require a CAN bus decoder. Another benefit of LEDs is their superior cooling capability, thanks to a whole aviation aluminum body and unique hollow carved heat sink design. This, along with a powerful 1,2000-RPM turbo-cool fan, ensures that the bulb remains cool for a longer period of time.

Cold-pressed aluminum heat sink

A 9006 LED bulb features a cold-pressed aluminum heat sink and is 30% more efficient than a standard halogen. This type of LED is CAN-bus-ready and has a 360-degree adjustable angle to provide a perfect beam pattern. This type of LED can be installed without any tools or wires. Its low-profile design allows it to fit into almost any vehicle housing.

Another type of LED heat sink is a machined version. Like skived heat sinks, machined ones are manufactured by gang-saw cutting. While this process consumes raw materials, it is less common for LED heat sinks. This type of heat sink has a short lead time and is a good choice for small batches. Another advantage is that its low thermal resistance allows it to conduct heat very well.

Smart CSP LED chip

The GTR Lighting CSP MINI LED bulb features two main ideas: it closely mimics the size and shape of a traditional halogen light bulb, while consuming the same amount of power (16 watts). In addition, the light produced by the mini-bulb is 6,000k in color, delivering a beam pattern similar to that of a filament-style halogen. Moreover, it comes with a 50,000-hour lifespan, making it an excellent investment for cars and trucks.

The GTR Lighting CSP Mini LED bulbs feature an advanced thermal protection circuit that reduces the light output when temperatures reach a certain level. They have successfully undergone 15 days of testing at a temperature of 194 degrees Fahrenheit without failure. Furthermore, the cooling system is based on the natural heat dissipation of the LED chip rather than the cooling fan inside the casing. The LED chip is surrounded by an aluminum heat sink, providing extra cooling capacity and a larger surface area than regular LED bulbs.

Direct fit plug and play connectors

Direct fit plug and play connectors for 9006. Designed specifically for your vehicle, they require no wiring and will fit perfectly with factory sockets. Direct fit connectors are an easy and affordable way to install LED bulbs into your vehicle. These bulbs feature the latest technology and highest quality LED lights. They replace your current halogen bulb with a high-performance LED bulb, with no additional wiring or external driver needed.

Direct-fit connectors are easy to install and remove, allowing you to swap out your old halogen bulbs with an LED bulb that works directly with your vehicle. These bulbs feature built-in Smart CSP LED chips that are compatible with 99% of vehicle systems. Some vehicles require an extra CANbus decoder. The HIKARI Thunder LED is the highest-performing LED chip on the market, delivering over 3300% brightness when compared to the average halogen headlight bulb.


The 9006 LED bulb is equipped with high luminous efficacy CSP chips and is 5 times brighter than halogen. It comes in a 50W and 15000LM per set. The HB4 9006 LED bulb has a 6500K cool white light and is compatible with almost all vehicles. Its design is perfect for fog lights, high beam, and low beam. Its fan heat cooling technology and aviation aluminum body allow for a secure fit. It has a 5.5-year service life and saves 65% energy.

The warranty on the 9006 LED bulb provides limited coverage against defects and does not cover shipping and installation fees. It also does not cover cosmetic damage due to improper use or abuse. Moreover, it does not cover the costs of repair or replacement for any other property. You will not be entitled to any compensation for the cost of installation or removal of the product. This warranty also excludes any costs for unauthorized repair or modification of the product.

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