Artificial intelligence accelerates the construction of intelligent buildings


Artificial intelligence building is a new type of building that deeply integrates computer, communication, network and other technologies with the construction industry, and improves the efficiency of building use by optimizing the operation of various functional nodes in the building space. Artificial intelligence (AI) combines system understanding and optimization of problems and scenarios through machine learning. Wide range of applications, including medical, logistics and other important applications. Smart building technology includes emerging technologies such as cloud computing, big data analysis, and the Internet of Things.

The changes of artificial intelligence in the field of intelligent buildings are as follows:

  1. Building intelligent;

Building intelligence refers to the digitalization and IoT management of various components of a building in a specific building. For example, install Macrosafe turnstile gates with access control system at building entrances and exits. The intelligent access control system has already surpassed the simple doorway and key management, and it has gradually developed into a complete access management system. It plays an important role in work environment safety, personnel attendance, management and other work.

Turnstile gates improve user experience and operational efficiency while ensuring safety and comfort. Building intelligence has fundamentally changed human behavior and working methods, enabling buildings to operate more efficiently and sustainably, thereby providing users with a more comfortable living environment. Today, building intelligence has been applied to the development and production of different products and services.

  1. Building automation;

Building automation has existed globally for at least a decade, ranging from physical control of buildings to digital control of various areas within a building, as well as building information technology including sensors, actuators, and more.

The most important thing in building automation is information security, through the visualization of building assets and from equipment management to system management. With the help of cloud computing and big data technology, automation equipment can realize adaptive adjustment function to optimize the operation and maintenance of systems and equipment.

  1. Realize energy saving and environmental protection;

Energy consumption is a major concern of major cities around the world, and the major energy waste comes from electricity. Building manufacturers should focus on energy-saving issues in the construction field and fully consider energy consumption. Artificial intelligence and IoT technology can identify the energy consumption status in the building and adjust accordingly according to the energy saving target.

  1. Addressing labor shortages

Mainly for some tedious and repetitive jobs, artificial intelligence can be used to replace laborers, and the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning can better plan the distribution of labor and machinery in the work.

Robots, as programmed hardware, have the advantages of high strength, high efficiency, and low error rate unmatched by humans, which is undoubtedly an important direction for the development of AI.

It is not difficult to find that buildings relying on 5G technology, AI, big data and other modern technologies are becoming more and more “smarter”. And it is not only reflected in the intelligence of the building itself, but in the field of construction engineering and construction materials, intelligence is becoming the entry threshold for a new generation of housing companies.

The construction industry is a key application area of ​​artificial intelligence, and artificial intelligence will help solve many problems faced by the construction industry, helping companies to better complete projects, improve operations, and increase efficiency. With the transformation of the construction industry to automation and intelligence, artificial intelligence application scenarios will be further expanded, and intelligent buildings will play a more important role in construction.


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