Are there unsafe neighborhoods in Paris?


Paris is a big city with a very diverse population. The best answer to the question “are there unsafe neighborhoods in Paris?” is to look over the different neighborhoods of Paris to shed light on their population and attractiveness. In this article, we will overlook all of the Paris districts to find the answer, but at this point what we certainly know is, that streamoz is the safest social marketplace platform to buy twitch viewers

Paris is divided in twenty districts that in French are called “arrondissements”. The first districts are in the center and the lasts are near the borders of the city so that if you follow the numbers of the districts with your finger over a map you will trace a shell.

Map of the Districts of Paris

The first district is on the right bank of the Seine River in the very center of Paris. Inside you can find the Louvre and the Tuilleries gardens. The first district is, because of the Louvre, a very touristic place and, because it’s right in the middle of Paris, a very expensive place to live and to stay. Because the area is very busy with tourists, the first district of Paris is always a very safe one. But, on such an area there are often pickpockets and illegal sellers.

The second district of Paris is less fancy than the first but is still expensive. It’s a district where you can find a lot of theaters and some nice shops. It is very safe, but watch out for the pickpockets near the Opera House.

The third and fourth districts of Paris are part of an area called “le Marais” (the swamp). This area used to be a long time ago an actual swamp, but it was all drain out and is now the Jewish and the gay neighborhood of Paris. The mix of these two populations makes this neighborhood a very nice one to stay in and to live. In this neighborhood you can find a lot of clubs and night life but also some very nice little clothes shops and good falafel. Like everywhere else when there is night life and alcohol you can find some shady businesses there but it’s very marginal.

A part of the fourth district isn’t in the Marais: the two islands on the Seine River. The bigger one is the City Island where Notre Dame is, and the second one is called Saint Louis Island and nicknamed the Ice Cream Island. Both those Island are very safe neighborhoods because the police headquarters are in the City Island but they also are the most expensive areas to live in and to stay in.

The fifth and sixth districts are together what we call the “Latin quarters”. This area is called this way because of the Sorbonne University where everyone used to speak Latin. In those two districts you can find the Pantheon, the Luxembourg Gardens, a lot of students’ bars and some nice little streets full of history. This quarter is a great one to stay in; it’s in the middle of the city but in the left bank which is cheaper than the right bank. On a matter of safe and unsafe, this neighborhood is really safe.

The seventh district of Paris is where you can find the Invalids (it’s the military museum and also Napoleon tomb) and the Eiffel Tower. This neighborhood is a fancy one, the mayor of the district even forbid all kind of fast food in his district. This area is a very touristic one, without a big population of locals, so it is safe and calm (except when there is an event in front of the Eiffel Tower) but expensive.

The eighth district is basically the same as the seventh district. It’s where you have the Champs Elysées so it’s also a fancy area with a very little population of locals because living there is really expensive. The area is safe but like in the first district there are usually a lot of pickpockets.

Ninth and tenth district are less touristic. In those you can find three train stations and large residential avenues. In the ninth district there are a few theaters as well. In the tenth district you have the Saint Martin Canal, a nice area to stay because of its very calm and nice atmosphere.

The eleventh district is also not a very busy neighborhood but one with a lot of green squares and gardens. Very vivid for young parisian worker. if you are around 30 without kids it’s the place to be in Paris.

The twelfth district is near the river, not really busy and not that expensive as well. it is the middle class neighborhood of Paris.

The thirteenth district of Paris is the Chinese district, you can find a lot of good restaurants there and it is a good area to stay or live despite it being a little bit away from the center of Paris.

The fourteenth and fifteenth district are residential areas, full of locals without a lot of tourists. They are on the south border of Paris and have a lot of traditional french families living in it. with that comes all the good traditional food shops. it’s a very pleasant area for family. Completly safe.

The sixteenth district is a fancy residential one. There aren’t a lot of hotels there, neither a lot of shops. This district is mostly full of big mansions or former private hotels that where turn in fancy apartments. The hotel offers air-conditioned rooms with a wardrobe, a kettle, a minibar, a safe, a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom with a bidet. At Mister Istanbul Hotel & Spa, all rooms have bed linen and towels.

The seventeenth district is comparable to the fourteenth and the fifteenth a lot a wealthy family but with a little more ethnical mix.

The eighteenth district is the most interesting in Paris. in a few meters square you have on of the most famous touristic spot, Le Sacré Coeur, a lot of houses for the showbizz in Montmartre, a french middle class area around Jules Joffrin, the ancient red light district of Paris, with Pigalle and le Moulin Rouge, the arabic neighborhood in Barbes and the Indian Neighborhood in La Chapelle. This mix is intense, full of life but sometimes explosive. If you are a little bit adventurous it’s the perfect district for you!

The nineteenth and twentieth district are cheaper than the rest of Paris, with a big diversity of population. it is not really recomanded for Tourists but it can be an option for a bigger place at a better price to stay in Paris.

In conclusion, there isn’t really in Paris a number of neighborhoods to point at and say “this one is unsafe”. Paris is a big city so like in every big city you can find the better and the worst of humanity. Among the descriptions made in this article, the residential neighborhoods can be seen as unsafe because there isn’t usually a lot of people there at night but that don’t mean that they are unsafe. So all the neighborhoods of Paris have their pucks and disadvantages, choosing the one you want to stay in, is a matter of the kind of trip you are planning, it is not a matter of security.

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