All You Need to Know About Athena EHR VS Meditech EHR: Review 2022

Meditech EHR

Athena EHR Medical Software:

Athena EHR is a prominent EHR solution for medical practices that is simple and affordable. Because of the software, you can give your patients better care and get more done in the clinic. With the help of Practice Management and Medical billing software, Athenahealth EHR will also do a great job with your administrative and financial tasks.

Cloud-based practice management software from Athena EHR gives patients full access, handles claims and clearinghouses, and keeps payers up to date on what’s happening. Athenahealth also has services like patient engagement, population health management, medical billing, revenue cycle management, Epocrates, and other educational apps.

Athena EHR Features:

Patient Portal:

Athena Medical software’s online patient portal can assist patients and their treating physicians. For instance, patients can schedule appointments, view the outcomes of their tests, get refills on their prescriptions, and look at their medical histories. Patients also get access to live customer support representatives who can assist them with any issues they may be having.

According to the Athena EHR reviews, the portal enables physicians to communicate with their patients automatically. These communications may take anything from appointment reminders to follow-up inquiries. If users possess powerful insights, they can communicate with patients at the appropriate moment and through the most appropriate channel.

Athena Mobile App:

Athena EMR reviews frequently highlight the usefulness of the AthenaOne mobile app. Users are granted access to a robust mobile application by the software. Users can look at each patient’s medical records and read summaries of the patient’s medical history. An adaptive learning algorithm provides suggestions for ways in which you could improve things. In addition, the app displays all critical information, such as planned appointments and outstanding debts that have not been paid.


Practitioners can provide integrated care with the support of Athenahealth EHR. Carequality and Commonwell, for example, make it simple for doctors, nurses, and professionals in the field to share patient information. It allows you to view a patient’s medical history, including hospitals and doctors they’ve visited. Furthermore, because it is linked to the charts of particular patients, the information provided by a medical facility is always up to date. Overall, these shared resources allow people to plan for the future.


Telehealth is, in our opinion, the most valuable component of the athena medical software system. A virtual conference allows a patient to receive assistance from a practitioner regardless of location. In addition to the patient portal, you may give free medical consultations. This functionality is critical due to the Pandemic and unexpected lockdown.

You can navigate the telehealth functionality and experience its benefits in real time during the Athena EMR demo.

Athena EHR Pricing:

Athena medical software costs $140 per month per provider and rises as the number of providers increases. So, depending on how many sessions you attend, training costs $500 to $5,000.

You also get a free 30-minute Athena EHR demo, a key benefit because it allows you to determine whether the system is suitable for your practice and enhances patient care.

Meditech EHR Software:

According to several medical specialists, Meditech is one of the most extensively utilized hospital EMR systems. It helps healthcare facilities manage their regular activities. Medical practice management software can also help medical practices of all sizes and specialties streamline their operations.

Scheduling, financial administration, and charting are easier with Meditech EHR. Additionally, the program assists businesses in managing at-home patient obligations, medication orders, appointment scheduling, bill payment, and document management.

Meditech EHR Features:

Revenue Cycle Management:

Revenue cycle management is critical, especially if your company is small or independent. You can constantly keep an eye on your money thanks to the capabilities of Meditech EHR Software. Furthermore, having a technique to analyze financial performance is critical for small independent practices to identify where they need to develop and whether there is something to be concerned about.

Generally, it’s easier to document everything when you keep track of all the money that comes into and goes out of your practice, making it easier to develop financially.


According to recent Meditech EHR reviews, telehealth capability is an essential component of Meditech EHR software. Many medical facilities, for example, lost patients and suffered financial losses due to Covid-19 and subsequent shutdown. On the other hand, medical practices can now take advantage of Meditech’s Telehealth feature, which allows you to organize online patient consultations and virtual video conferencing.

Using telehealth technologies, you can digitally book consultations for your patients to attend from the comfort of their homes. Overall, telehealth is an excellent substitute for in-person consultations.

Patient Portal:

Another critical component of Meditech EHR Software, according to Meditech EHR reviews, is the patient portal, which allows you to contact your patients instantly. Patients can use the portal to access their medical records, schedule appointments, and examine lab test results. They can also pay their bills through this website.

According to Meditech EHR reviews, the portal’s most powerful feature is its ability to send electronic reminders to patients before each appointment, reducing no-shows and increasing income. You can explore the portal during the Meditech EHR demo. 

Clinical Documentation:

Clinical health forms are vital since they frequently advise the patient of the procedure you intend to perform, collect health data about them, and obtain their consent. Thanks to Meditech software, patients can now access consent forms digitally, peruse them at their leisure, and sign them as needed.

Meditech EHR Pricing:

Unfortunately, no internet resource provides Meditech EHR pricing. However, you can obtain a quote via the vendor’s website.

Our Final Thoughts:

Unfortunately, we cannot assist you in deciding between Athena vs. Meditech EHR because it depends on your clinic’s needs. You can, however, set up a demo to test each software in real time. You may learn more about each software through the demo, which will help you decide which one is ideal for your needs. Furthermore, reviews from other users can assist you in making an informed decision. This is because they display the feedback of current software users.

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