A Guide to the Different Types of Cub Scout Patches

cub scout patches

Have you memorized all of the cub scout ranks? Are you itching to get even more knowledge about the pack? One of the best ways to do that is by collecting cub scout patches.

Patch collecting is an easy way to learn about your organization without having to memorize facts and figures. And anyone can do it!

As a Cub Scout, you’ll have the opportunity to earn a variety of different patches. Some of these patches will be earned through rank advancement, while others can be earned through completing special requirements.

Here’s a look at some of the different types of patches you may come across as a cub scout.

Rank Patches

As you advance through the ranks of Cub Scouting, you’ll earn special rank patches. These patches signify your progress in the program and show that you’ve completed all of the requirements for that particular rank. You can check out some cub scout patch placement resources to get a good idea about the placement of the patches according to rank.

Activity Patches

There are a number of different activity patches that can be earned by participating in various activities and events. These include things like attending summer camp, completing a service project, or participating in a hike or bike-a-thon.

Fun Patches

In addition to the more serious patches, there are also a number of fun patches that can be earned. These are typically smaller patches that feature fun designs or characters. They’re meant to be collected and displayed with pride, but don’t necessarily signify any specific accomplishment.

Master’s Belt Loop and Pin

The Cub Scout Master’s Belt Loop and Pin is an award that is presented to a Cub Scout when they have completed all of the requirements for the rank of Cub Scout. The requirements for this award include: being a registered member of the Boy Scouts of America, completing the application for the belt loop and pin, and being approved by the Cubmaster.

Adult Patches

There are a few different types of Cub Scout patches that can be earned by adults. The first type is the Adult Leadership Position Patch. This patch is awarded to those who have completed training for a leadership position within the Cub Scout program.

The second type of adult patch is the Award and Recognition Patch. This patch is awarded to those who have received an award or recognition from the Cub Scout program. Lastly, there is the Participation Patch, which is awarded to any adult who has participated in a Cub Scout event or activity.

Start Collecting Your Cub Scout Patches

Cub Scout patches should be awarded for the Scouts’ achievements and should be treasured by each Scout. When the time comes, it is up to the Scout to choose which patches they would like to collect and wear.

In conclusion, patches are an integral part of the scouting experience. Researching and individualizing patches can add to the fun of badges and awards. So get collecting and show off your Cub Scout pride!

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