The Pros And Cons of Renting A 360 Photo Booth In Nashville

360 Photo Booth In Nashville


Looking for a foolproof way to enhance your special event in Nashville? If yes, you’re at the right place! A 360 photo booth rental is the new cool in Nashville. It not only gives your party a unique touch but can also make a fantastic addition to your happy memories. All you have to do is rent it out and watch your guests enjoy themselves all night long! Whether you’re a dancer or a poser, both or neither, this 360 photo booth will make you have the time of your life! However, as appealing as its pros are, there are a few cons too. And you should only make decisions onesie you’ve weighed them both logically. So this blog, crafted by Nashville Photo Booth, will shed light on the pros and cons of a 360 photo booth rental in Nashville. 

Explore The Pros Of Renting A 360 Photo Booth

Here are the top benefits of renting a 360 photo booth in Nashville.

Unforgettable Moments Frozen In Time

One of the best perks is that your goofy and genuine smiles, poses, and laughter will all get captured and saved in time. You can look back at the pictures and videos and recall how much fun you had. Moreover, it gives your guests more things to look forward to, allowing them to enjoy themselves with their plus one.

Good For All Ages

Nashville is renowned for its diverse crowd. From youngsters to adults, from generalists to specialists, and everyone in between, Nashville has them all! So renting out a 360 photo booth in Nashville is the perfect source of entertainment for guests of all ages, genders, and posts. You don’t have to worry about spending a king’s ransom by making different entertainment spots for each age or social group. This photo booth works for all! 

Social Media Frenzy

If you’re looking to create a buzz on your social media, this is the best idea you can get. Renting out a 360 photo booth will make your social media audience awestruck! And in this digital age, your trendy and fun photo booth shots will stand out! Make your social media accounts shine brighter with pictures and videos from a 360 photo booth! 

The Cons Of A 360 Photo Booth Rental In Nashville

Before you make a final decision, consider the following cons of a 360 photo booth rental in Nashville, too.

Can Be Costly

If you’re having your wedding on a tight budget, this one may be for you. A 360 photo booth will be a costly service. Given all its fun and ease, it’s also not for free because the technology is advanced, and it offers a unique experience that is considered pricey. So if you’re still in the planning phase of your wedding, you can consider or reconsider this idea early on!

Requires Space

All 360 photo booths demand more space than old-school booths. They need a designated space for the rotating camera setup and an area for guests to strike their poses. If your venue has space limitations, renting out a 360 photo booth may not be the best idea! 


To conclude it all, renting a 360 photo booth in Nashville can add a happy, lively, and engaging factor to your event. It’s a simple yet effective way to ensure your party is a memorable experience for all your guests! Whether young or senior, a 360 photo booth rental in Nashville is the key to making your guests overjoyed. However, it’s also critical to carefully consider the cost, space requirements, and technical aspects beforehand. Make a decision only after you have weighed all pros and cons and all other options to ensure you make the right decision. With the right planning and a reliable rental company, a 360 photo booth can be a fantastic addition to your Nashville event!


  • Can I rent a 360 photo booth for a birthday party?

Yes, you can. It’s perfect for any event – be a wedding, birthday, graduation, or even Christmas!

  • Is it expensive to rent a 360 photo booth?

That depends on your budget. Some people set aside a budget beforehand for this activity, whereas some consider it days before the event. However, it is typically costlier than traditional photo booths.

  • What is the cost of renting a 360 photo booth in Nashville on average?

The cost may vary depending on the seller, area, features, size, and time. But an average would be between $800 – $1600. For a more detailed insight on the cost, you can contact us today.

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