8 Useful Tips for Mac Owners

mac owners

Did you know that Apple has a strong following because they design their products to be user-friendly?

Laptops and smartphones have so many features that they can be overwhelming to people with basic needs.

If you’re interested in buying a new Mac there are a few tips that can get you started and increase productivity.

Continue reading to discover the best tips for Mac owners that will help you get the most out of your computer!

1. Customize Your Menu Bar

One of the best tips for Mac owners is to customize the menu bar that appears on your desktop.

If you typically run the same programs, you can store them in your bar for quick access. Not only will you save time from having to search through the Launchpad, but you can also get info. The calendar app icon can display the date while others can notify you of alerts.

To adjust your menu bar’s size, hover your mouse over the thin verticle line in the center of your icons. Click down on the line and lift the mouse to expand it or lower it to make the size smaller.

2. Delete Unused Apps

If you’ve used Apple products before, you likely know which apps you use and which ones you don’t.

When you buy a Mac, take a look at all the pre-installed applications. If there are any apps you don’t anticipate using, you should delete them to preserve space on your computer. If you ever change your mind, you can install them again in the Apple Store.

Not only do these apps take up additional storage, but they lead to clutter. You can reduce clutter on your Mac by limiting the programs on your Launchpad.

3. Learn Shortkeys

Shortkeys involve selecting specific keys on your board to pull up info, and apps, or access other features.

Aside from copying and pasting, you can view your clipboard history with shortkeys or view all of your ‘live’ applications. Shortkeys can save you time and prevent carpal tunnel issues from flaring. When you have more items to click, your hand can get injured from the repetitive tasks.

If you want to view your clipboard history, for example, you must select Command+V to view your recent copies. To take screenshots, you can select Shift+Command+3 and designate the part of your screen you want to capture.

4. Invest in Accessories

Accidents happen, but if one happens around your Mac, it can be an expensive repair.

Investing in protective equipment will keep your laptop in excellent shape and extend its lifetime. You should place a hardcover shell on the outside of your Mac, silicone is recommended too so that it can absorb the shock.

If you’re concerned about damaging your keyboard, there are covers you can lay on top to prevent dust, coffee, and debris from getting inside. It’s difficult to clean Macs if you hold off on cleaning since you can’t open them to get into difficult areas. As you notice messes, clean them up quickly so none of the ports or microphone filters become clogged.

5. Discover Your Spotlight Feature

Spotlight comes installed on all Macbook computers and is one of the most convenient tools you can use.

Instead of going into your calculator or the internet to find an answer, you can get it within the search bar. At the top of your computer, there is an icon of a magnifying glass. When you select that icon, a box will appear and you can type anything you need in it.

The Spotlight will pull up relevant results, answers, and resources to support you. Once you click outside the Spotlight box, it will disappear.

6. Make the Most of Your Trackpad

There are a few things you can do with your trackpad aside from moving around the cursor.

If you want to go to a previous page on the internet, for example, you can swipe two fingers to the left. Your previous page will load and once you’re ready to go forward again, you will swipe your two fingers toward the right of the trackpad.

You can also view all of your ‘live’ applications with your trackpad. Place three fingers on the bottom of the track and swipe up to view everything. From this screen, you can select a platform and jump back into work.

7. Link Your Apple Products

If you own various Apple products, you can link them so that all of your info is accessible.

Whether you’re on your tablet, phone, or Mac, you should have access to the same documents, chats, and contacts. When you log in to your Apple account, it will automatically sync your products.

The great thing about Apple is that if you want files or photos from another Mac or iPhone user, they can Airdrop them.

8. Add a Password

Whether you’re using your Mac for school, work, or pleasure, you must put a strong password on the home screen.

Mac computers are user-friendly. They store valuable info for consumers like passwords and financial info.

If you want to prevent people from accessing your private accounts, you need a general lock on your computer. This is especially important if you use the “remember password’ feature.

Use a unique password for your Mac. Try to avoid using the same ones you have for your phone or tablet to prevent hackers from gaining full access.

Smart Mac Owners Make the Most of Their Tech

If you recently invested in a Mac computer, it’s time to invest in your time.

When you have a Macbook, you have endless tools at your fingertips. Understanding how to manipulate your computer and access files quickly can make you more productive. Although Apple computers can be expensive, they are worth the cost when you consider how long they last and the capabilities they hold.

Mac owners benefit from shortkeys as well since they can prevent carpal tunnel and additional clicks.

Make sure you check out our page for more content about Mac shortcuts and utilizing tech to its fullest potential!

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