8 Salesforce Consulting Services Factors to Know

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Using Salesforce may be difficult regardless of whether you are doing a complete migration to the system, implementing upgrades, combining instances, or initiating a brand-new CRM strategy and adoption.

Salesforce is no longer simply a CRM; it is a comprehensive platform capable of addressing every part of your organization. Depending on your company, it may be the only system you need if appropriately implemented, or it may meet the bulk of your demands.

Salesforce began as a CRM but has evolved into a platform that addresses other business elements, including marketing (Marketing Cloud), sales (Sales Cloud), supporting customers (Service Cloud and Communities), eCommerce (Demandware), and AI/BI (Einstein Analytics).

It is a vast platform with limitless potential that, if utilized effectively, may impact your firm’s future. Partnering with a firm that provides Salesforce consulting services may put your mind at rest by leaving your difficulties in the skilled hands of a consultant who can help you navigate and maximize your investment in this rich set of solutions and platform.

Several Salesforce consulting services are accessible, so you may be unaware of which ones your business needs. Examine the following descriptions to decide whether services may be helpful.

Recent Salesforce Deployments

If your firm migrates from another CRM to Salesforce, several actions must be completed to ensure a seamless transfer. It would help if you found a partner who has successfully implemented this system in the past.

Before bespoke coding is contemplated, several customizations and out-of-the-box functionalities of the Salesforce platform should be used. Having the correct partner will increase your installation expenses, as well as your maintenance and total cost of ownership.

In addition to transferring data from your existing CRM to Salesforce, deployment generally includes setup and custom programming. Once everything is in place, a reliable partner will verify that everything has been migrated successfully and that your workforce has received Salesforce training.

Given the variety of options Salesforce provides, it might be tempting to choose a big-bang strategy for the brand-new deployment, which may include many clouds. We always propose that you examine your requirements and develop a comprehensive CRM and platform strategy but follow a staged approach to platform adoption and the rollout of several Salesforce clouds.

Using integrated marketing technologies, Marketing Cloud creates a seamless experience across every consumer touchpoint

This enables you to locate consumers, complete transactions, and build accounts.

The Service Cloud Designed to enhance customer assistance, this cloud enables you to give superior customer service.

The Community Cloud: Depending on your requirements, this cloud may be developed using a template or custom code, making it ideal for internal or external usage.

eCommerce Cloud: Enables the creation of sophisticated, unified digital commerce experiences, both online and in-store.

Improvement Projects

If your firm currently uses Salesforce but wants to improve its usability or integrate new capabilities, it may need an improvement project. Possible areas for improvement include:

Implementing new custom features or app exchange goods

Improving current solutions to accommodate expanding company requirements or making solutions flexible or scalable

Integrations to bring data from other systems to give additional information in Salesforce and operational capabilities, custom development to make your system work for your business, and features that expand beyond the core platform stretch beyond the platform’s capabilities.

  •         Ongoing platform administration and support
  •         Training for your employees

Salesforce Classic to Lightning migrations

This is a complex operation for firms trying to transition from Salesforce Classic to Lightning, and it’s doubtful that you’ll want to handle it internally.

It takes study, planning, and testing, which may be challenging without sufficient time or knowledge. This is where a partner who has previously supervised migrations and is familiar with the necessary stages comes in.

Salesforce Instance Merger

If your firm has many instances of Salesforce due to an acquisition or separate departments have their models, it may make sense to consolidate them to streamline internal operations.

Data Migrations

When you need to transfer data from one system to another, you must pay close attention to detail and have confidence that the procedure will go without hiccups. This is a chance to use or clean any old data and de-duplicate and standardize the data, especially when moving a significant amount of data. 

Data quality may significantly impact efficiency, such as concentrating on the most promising leads and contacting the correct decision-makers. It is also essential that data integrity be preserved throughout the migration process so that current users and use cases are not impacted. Planning, data preparation, and dry runs are essential for massive data quantities.

Choose to work with a consultant specializing in data migrations. They will give a technical evaluation, planning, migration, validation, advising, and continuous maintenance and support, which is particularly useful if the migration requires a few adjustments.

Integrations and Integrated Single Sign-On

Even though Salesforce may be your primary CRM and/or platform of choice, your organization may still need other non-Salesforce technologies and platforms, such as Heroku, AWS, Azure, external reporting and data visualization tools, and other in-house apps.

Mobile Software Development

Salesforce allows developers the flexibility to customize the system so that mobile applications can be created through configuration and custom code on the platform. Mobile SDK and Heroku can also be used to develop custom applications that integrate multiple data sources and features into a single app.

Whether to design HTML5-based mobile applications or device-specific native apps is always up for discussion. There are several tools and options accessible for developing the ideal company solution. The correct partner may have a significant effect on your mobile strategy.

Utilization of Cloud-Based Business Intelligence and Data

Lastly, assessing your data is essential to maximizing your use of Salesforce’s information. You may unearth useful information that eventually impacts decision-making, enables cost savings, and finds improvement opportunities through business intelligence.

Through Salesforce Partner you can generate, run, and edit reports, allowing you to assess data effectively and identify your business’s next best move.

Ready to Move Forward?

If any of these services connect with your company’s requirements, 10Pearls would be delighted to discuss how we can enhance your company’s usage of Salesforce. Please schedule an appointment with us now.

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